Boomerang Spotlight -
Kiran Kumar

by Ernesto Maturrano & T.J. Vilardi

“I Feel Valued, Respected, and also Challenged”

Meet this month’s #SalesforceBoomerang Spotlight, Kiran Kumar. Collectively, Kiran has been at Salesforce going on 10 years! What happened in between those 10 years? His Boomerang story is a must read and you can see it here. 

Discovering Salesforce

Kiran first got his hands on Salesforce technology way back in 2006 while at his previous organization. His company was in the process of moving away from Siebel and Kiran was on the team evaluating different technologies, one of which was Salesforce. As he told us, “I was impressed by the speed in which Salesforce could configure applications to sales processes and the ease of using it. I was excited by the potential it offered and the technology it was built on.” Kiran was inspired to explore working with a futuristic company like Salesforce. However, Salesforce did not have a large presence in India at that time. It would be four more years before Kiran came across an opportunity to work for Salesforce in India.

When the opportunity to work at Salesforce finally presented itself Kiran explained, “I was thrilled to be part a company that I had admired for some time. I was one of the first few to be hired in the Bangalore office in 2010.” Being that it was the early days for Salesforce in India, Kiran and his colleagues went above their call of duty to support each other at work. This built a high level of camaraderie within the team and Kiran formed strong bonds with his colleagues.

In 2011, after 18 months at Salesforce, he had to make the hardest decision of his career and leave the company. “I loved Salesforce, but I felt we did not have the proper direction from a regional leadership standpoint”, said Kiran. Even though he joined another technology company, Kiran continued to keep in touch with his old friends and colleagues at Salesforce and he continued to admire the culture of the company from afar.

Re-Discovering Salesforce

In 2013, an old teammate reached out to Kiran with an opportunity to rejoin Salesforce. Kiran said, “When I met the new regional leaders in the interviews, their vision and direction inspired me, and I was excited for the opportunity to work for Salesforce again.” Kiran gladly accepted his new role on the Sales Enablement team. The leadership team offered their full support and entrusted him to equip the sales teams for success. Kiran did a stellar job in his new role and won the prestigious MVP recognition in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017!. “It just goes to show that if you feel valued and trusted, you can push boundaries you have set for yourself and excel”, he said. Even in his 10th year at Salesforce, Kiran still feels thankful for the tremendous opportunities Salesforce has provided him.

The Boomerang Journey

Kiran believes that being positive and having a consistent work ethic is important in building one’s personal brand. Another aspect is staying abreast of developments about the company you used to work for and being in touch with former colleagues. All these played a key role in Kiran returning to Salesforce as a Boomerang. “People you have worked with in the past can keep you informed of relevant opportunities and endorse you to hiring managers that you might never have interacted with before. Keeping those relationships is very important,” he said. 

Salesforce is a fast-paced company and Kiran felt a lot had changed in the 18 months he was away. Kiran said, “I was amazed at how much had changed within this short span of time. I had to unlearn the old and relearn the new processes. The one thing, however, that didn’t change during Kiran’s time away from Salesforce was the culture. “The Salesforce culture makes people feel valued, trusted, and it challenges everyone to push their boundaries. The culture brings us together in a safe and supportive environment and encourages us to venture beyond our comfort zones and be successful”, said Kiran.

Wellbeing and Giving Back

With everything going on in the world, wellbeing has becoming hard for some people to prioritize, Kiran included. He told us, “I sometimes struggle with setting boundaries while working from home. However, it’s something that I’m actively working to improve and I am very thankful for the tools and resources that the company provides its employees to help them with their mental and physical wellness. This is crucial for everyone’s wellbeing and happiness.”

“Giving back is the best happiness you can get”, said Kiran. He spends his time giving back at local schools and orphanages in India. “when I first started volunteering, I thought I’d be the one positively impacting these kids; however, I soon realized that they have a big impact on my life as well. Working with them has made me a better person”, he said. He is forever grateful that Salesforce gives him the time to work in the local community and make a difference.

      Kiran helping at a local school.

Kiran’s Advice for our Alumni

“My advice for Alumni is: stay up to date with the latest on what is happening at Salesforce, continue building on the stills and strengthening your expertise, and keep in touch with your old colleagues and continue networking. Doing these things helped me immensely in my Boomerang journey and I think it will help our Alumni as well”, said Kiran. He continued, “If you are lucky, you may be on the next Boomerang Spotlight!”

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