Boomerang Spotlight - Kimberly Cason


May 28, 2021

Theresa Ludvigson
& T.J. Vilardi


“Salesforce With a Side of SquaredCharm”

Our next Boomerang Spotlight is here. Meet #SalesforceBoomerang, Kimberly Cason! You don’t want to miss her incredible Salesforce journey. Read it here:

Salesforce: Round 1

Kimberly came to Salesforce in October 2010 after working many years as a technical trainer at several different organizations. What drove her to explore the opportunity at Salesforce, you ask? She told us, “There were only about 5,000 people at the company when I joined. Everyone seemed like part of one giant family and I thought that this was a place where I really fit in.”

Kimberly’s first role at Salesforce, as an eLearning Technical Lead, was a perfect fit given her experience in the space.In this role, Kimberly was in charge of managing the maintenance and delivery of online training courses for the company. This would eventually evolve into what is now known as Salesforce University. Then in 2013, Kimberly’s Vice President (VP), at the time, left for a job at Appirio, a Salesforce consulting partner that provides strategic, operational, change enablement, and user adoption services. Kimberly’s VP knew how great she was at her job and when a similar role opened up at Appirio in 2014, she reached out to Kimberly to gauge her interest. “The role at Appirio was essentially what I was doing at Salesforce at the time. I really enjoyed working for my VP and wanted to be under her leadership once again,” said Kimberly. She left Salesforce to join Appirio in July of 2014.

Pit Stop

Kimberly was away from Salesforce for just over 4 years. Kimberly told us, “During my time away I always kept in touch with my Salesforce network. Whether it was via text message or meeting up in person to grab lunch I remained in touch with my former colleagues through the years.” One of those people was Kimberly’s former manager, Jay Thayer. “I always kept in touch with Jay. We’d chat about our kids, our trip to India and Eddie Murphy” said Kimberly.

We asked Kimberly what eventually make her decision to come back to Salesforce? She said, “I always knew deep down that I would be back at Salesforce one day. It just feels like home. The people make it fun and gave me a sense of belonging.”

Salesforce: Round 2

In 2019, Kimberly returned to Salesforce as a Senior Program Manager of Technical Learning and Development — a role that she still holds today. “I get to manage the training for all of our internal engineers. I also run UpSkill, a continued education program for our engineers. I thoroughly enjoy what I do today here at Salesforce,” said Kimberly. 

Right after Kimberly’s return to the company, the pandemic hit and drastically change the way Kimberly and her entire team worked. “We were flexible and made the quick switch to an all virtual work environment,” she told us. “My SVP sent everyone on the team a plant to spruce up our home offices, to thank them for their hard work and for all that they have been able to do during the pandemic. On Slack, I posted a picture of the plant to show everyone where I decided to put it. In the picture, next to my plant, was a bronze giraffe statue. Everyone loved the picture so I decided to start taking a picture of the plant and the giraffe side by side in different locations. This quickly evolved into an ongoing series that has people wondering where I’ll place my plant and giraffe next,” said Kimberly.

Giving Back

“I love to give back to my community (I was born and raised in San Francisco) and always try to do so when I have free time,” said Kimberly. She continued, “One program that is close to my heart is the Hamilton Families organization. My team and I have volunteered many hours during the holidays wrapping Christmas gifts for the families experiencing homelessness. It’s something I hope we’re able to do again later this year.”


When Kimberly needs some time to reset and recharge, she sews. She told us, “In 2015, when I was away from Salesforce, I started a side business making mud cloth pillow covers. I used to sew quilts with my mom but those took too long. I needed something quicker and I wanted to do something on the side to get some extra cash to fund my kid’s activities like summer camps and sports. I make my pillow covers using mud cloth which is 100% cotton fabric hand dyed with mud, teas and plants from Mali, Africa.” Her side project is now a small business called SquaredCharm and it’s currently featured on Macy’s website! Kimberly has offered everyone reading this 10% off their order on the SquaredCharm site with coupon code “Salesforce10”.

Advice for Alumni

As for advice for any current #SalesforceAlumni out there that are exploring the opportunities to potentially boomerang back, Kimberly told us, “Reach out to your network that is still at Salesforce. Make sure to keep in touch with them. Friendships are golden and it is always good to have those types of relationships because it helps you grow as a person, co-worker, and teammate. The friendships I made at Salesforce are lifelong and I appreciate that.”

Want to hear more about Kimberly’s amazing #SalesforceBoomerang story? Connect with her on LinkedIn! Or, if you’re inspired to find your next role at Salesforce, explore our openings today.


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