Alumni Network Spotlight -
Jeremy Hurst

by Theresa Ludvigson and T.J. Vilardi

"The Alumni Network makes you feel like you are still part of Salesforce!”


Meet Jeremy Hurst - a master innovator and current Salesforce Alumni. Jeremy came to Salesforce in 2018 when the company acquired Datorama. He got his start at Datorama in early 2015 as an Account Executive. According to Jeremy, “Datorama was super small when I first joined. We had about 40 employees and maybe 50 customers. As things moved quickly, we needed to segment the market and prove our worth in the space.” Jeremy was able to have success while there and moved into a Sales Leadership role shortly after. He was responsible for developing relationships with independent advertising agencies and helping to build the go-to-market strategy for that segment.

The Move to Salesforce

In 2018, the Datorama leadership team called an emergency “All Hands Call”. Jeremy said, “When we all came in the room there was champagne on the table and it was then we realized something major was about to be announced. When they told us it was Salesforce, it was definitely unexpected, but we were all very excited because we knew it validated what we had worked hard for and that Salesforce would help us become bigger than we ever imagined.” When Datorama was acquired by Salesforce, Jeremy said, “It gave my team and I an opportunity to grow and level up at such an incredible company.” Jeremy moved into a RVP (Regional Vice President) role at Salesforce and helped his team within Datorama navigate the new complexities that came with getting acquired by a larger company. “Salesforce has this all stakeholder perspective that is completely unique. We get to think about not only helping our customers grow and innovate towards the future, but we also get to think about how we are impacting the world while at the same time taking care of our employees, partners, and the communities in which we live”, said Jeremy.

“The Salesforce employees embraced us immediately”, Jeremy said. He went on to tell us, “Winning as a team was and is a huge part of who Salesforce is. The other Account Executives, across all products, were excited about how they could incorporate Datorama into their existing clients.”

Now or Never

After about a year and a half as a Salesforce employee, Jeremy decided the time was now or never for him to leave the company and start out on an adventure of his own. “Everyone has that nagging idea or side project in their mind”, said Jeremy. “For me, specifically, after going through acquisition and different things in my personal life, it was ‘if not now then when?’”. Jeremy set out to create a platform to help people stay organized in their personal lives. “At Salesforce, you open your laptop and log into Aloha (Salesforce’s own intranet) and you have everything you need for work in one clean place. However, in our lives outside of work, the experience is completely different when you open a laptop. I wanted that same experience at home that I was getting while at work”. Thus, the idea for Idenati was born. Jeremy launched Idenati in 2020, shortly after departing from Salesforce. Idenati aims to organize websites into beautiful tiles that are perfectly categorized and searchable. Jeremy told us, “Marie Kondo has this philosophy of removing clutter from physical space as a tool to remove the clutter from your mind. I have a similar feeling about the internet. It’s filled with clutter! Never-ending email, excessive social media, and far too many browser tabs. Idenati exists to fight back, to simplify the experience, allowing you to focus and be more productive.”

Jeremy took many lessons and learnings from his time at Salesforce with him to his new company. However, there was one methodology that he found left a lasting impression on him. He told us, “It is really easy at the earliest stages, to be myopic, and be releasing new software and new features. When I read Behind The Cloud, the 1-1-1 model was something that was started at the beginning. It was not something that was an afterthought. When I left Salesforce to start my own company, I really started to think about our WHY. What is our place in the world? What kind of impact can we have? We want to incorporate a similar culture at Identati.”

Giving Back Remains Very Important

We spent a lot of time talking with Jeremy about giving back. He told us, “It is a super important topic that I still carry with me and think a lot about. There are two sides to this coin I would say. There are a million non profits in the world and you could pick one each day and give $20. That is a spray and pray mentality because you have no idea where the money goes or who it is benefitting. That method to me feels lazy. You may feel good about what you did, but there isn’t much thought that goes into it. There is a certain and particular way we have decided about what we can do as a community perspective. There is an organization called You Had Me at Black. It is a storytelling movement reclaiming the Black narrative by giving people the platform to share their stories in their own words. We’re partnering with them to sponsor a season of their podcast to help spread their message far and wide. They are a for profit company but it is a cause that is very important and close to my heart.”

Staying Well

As a business owner an entrepreneur, you don’t get much down time. However, Jeremy makes sure he keeps his well-being top of mind. “Idenati is all about being mindful with the time we spend online. But mindfulness is really something that should be applied in every area of life. As such, meditation is huge for me! It’s a great tool for getting control of my own mind. And because we feel so strongly about this, we’ve started to do workshops and events to help our user community embrace mindfulness in their lives as well.”

The Salesforce Alumni Network

Jeremy has been a part of the Salesforce Alumni Network for just about 7 months now. He told us, “I love how supportive the network is. You can see people are in there looking to help fellow alumni get new jobs, find referrals, and network with one another. People are really engaged in the Network and it continues the camaraderie that was at Salesforce. The Salesforce Alumni Network makes you feel like you are still a part of the company.”

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