Alumni Network Spotlight -
Lynda King

by Theresa Ludvigson and T.J. Vilardi

“The Concierge Queen.”

Without Lynda King — there might not be a Concierge, Salesforce Employee’s internal, one-stop-shop for answers to employee questions that was built entirely on Service Cloud. Could you even imagine?! Lynda joined Salesforce in 2010 and stayed at the company for nearly 7 years. When she first arrived, she was a Senior Manager in charge of our content on the Help and Training Portal used by our customers, partners and employees. After 4 years, Lynda transitioned into the Employee Success team where she was a Senior Manager of Content Strategy. It was on this team that she would be tasked with implementing an employee portal that would eventually become Concierge. Lynda took the dream of Concierge and made it a reality. Many would call her the creator of Concierge. Some might even call her the Concierge Queen. After a 3-year run in Employee Success, Lynda made the difficult decision to leave the company to pursue a new opportunity at ServiceNow.

At ServiceNow, Lynda is the Director of Knowledge Management in Global Support Operations. It is a very similar role to the one she held at Salesforce. While at Salesforce, she learned to thrive in a fast-paced world of innovation and “Win as a Team,” collaborating with many teams outside her specific department. It takes a village to deliver a world class customer experience whether internally for employees or externally for customers and partners.

Looking Back

We asked Lynda what she’s most proud of from her time at Salesforce. She told us, “I founded and nurtured the Knowledge User Group for the customer base. It was something Salesforce allowed me and my colleagues to do - work outside our normal 9-5 job scope. At first, I was told we don’t have user groups for a specific product, but with support of the Product Management team, this group was highly engaged for many years and helped drive new features in the Knowledge product that customers still leverage today.” She also said, “Helping create the Concierge Employee Portal was extremely rewarding. I got to learn a whole new line of business in Employee Success and enjoyed working with over 50 different business partners within Salesforce who needed to get information out to the expanding employee base of over 50,000. This allowed me to create a tool that provided amazing efficiency for the organization and provide a tool the employees would come to love.”

Volunteer Work

“Developing my personal commitment to giving back is something I will always thank Salesforce for,” Lynda shared. Today, Lynda is very involved with the Maher Orphanage in Pune, India. Founded more than 23 years ago, they take care of 1,000 children and 500 adults in 49 homes throughout India. They also serve over 700 surrounding villages. Lynda says, “The kids at this orphanage are now part of my family and I have taken groups to India frequently to visit them. It opened my eyes and heart to giving back and it has impacted my own kids and family in huge ways.” When Lynda first got to the orphanage, they were running entirely on spreadsheets. She recommended that they look at Salesforce to help change the way they were running the orphanage. “I worked with an amazing Salesforce partner, Cognizant, who was a close partner of mine when I worked at Salesforce. They donated the implementation resources to help us build out several applications for Maher free of charge. This has helped revolutionize the way they work today.”

Wellbeing in a Virtual World

“Wellbeing now, is more important than ever”, said Lynda. “I have been a remote employee for the past 10 years, so I thought I would be used to this new virtual world. However, I quickly figured out I was not. I noticed that I was feeling very burnt out by Thursday evenings. I decided to change my approach to help me get through the week. Today, I don’t take any meetings on Fridays so I can work on key projects and get ready for the upcoming week. Even though I work on Friday, I have a mental model of a 4 day work week, and 3 days off every week. I do feel refreshed each Monday morning because I feel I had enough time off over the weekend to reset and re energize myself.” Lynda told us that this has been extremely helpful to her mental wellbeing.

The Alumni Network

The Alumni Network has been a really rewarding experience thus far. I loved the first virtual engagement event where I got to meet other Alumni from all over the globe. I love that the network incorporates everything you think of when you think of Salesforce - philanthropy, connection, etc. The Alumni Network allows me to stay connected with other Salesforce Alumni and be in the know about what is happening at the company.

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