Boomerang Spotlight -
Sneha Khasgiwale

by Elizabeth Willing & T.J. Vilardi

“Salesforce Truly Feels Like Home...”

First Stop Hyderabad, India

Sneha Khasgiwale is an adventurer. If you view her Instagram, you’d think she traveled the world for a living. Sneha first joined Salesforce as a Sr. Specialist on the Global Onboarding team in 2017 when there was very little structure in APAC in regards to onboarding. Sneha streamlined Day1, Becoming Salesforce, and launched the Culture Guides program (formerly Aloha Ambassadors) in the region.

Second Stop Sydney, Australia

In 2019 after having her first child, Sneha’s husband found a new job opportunity in Australia. Sneha had to make a difficult decision, with a growing family and a completely new environment, that she needed to take time for herself and her family to get acclimated to this new way of a living. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Salesforce and was very sad to leave my job in 2019. My departure was unplanned and sudden. I was moving continents, from India to Australia with a 9 month old, and my husband was starting at a new job in a new company. With everything new and adding a baby to the mix, I could not commit to continuing from a different country where I had never lived.” 

After getting settled in Sydney, Sneha began to miss the #SalesforceOhana. “Ohana is much more than a word we use. We are truly friends, we are a real family.” She missed the interactions with her Global Onboarding team and her local colleagues and friends in Hyderabad. When thinking about returning to work, Sneha didn’t even consider other companies. She knew she wanted to look within Salesforce. She kept in touch with several colleagues from Salesforce  and decided to reach out to leaders to inquire if they knew of any openings at Salesforce. 

Same Ohana, Different Role!

“Its like coming home! Being back inside the Ohana, is truly a magical place to be.” Sneha’s current role is a Customer Success Group (CSG) Enablement lead and she works closely with the APAC CSG leadership. She helps CSG employees by providing them with critical and timely knowledge, skills and resources they need to do their jobs right from latest product release or soft skills for customer engagements.

Sneha’s values align to Salesforce values. She is a huge believer in innovation, collaboration and getting things done quickly, helping people do the best jobs of their lives and creating impact. Her current job allows her to do all that and more. She’s also very active in giving back to communities and as an equality ally who supports women. At Salesforce, Sneha can bring her full authentic self to work without having to think twice!

Joining During a Pandemic and Trying to Stay Well

“It just feels incredible to be on the inside and a part of what I feel is, history in the making”, Sneha said. She went on to say “Even in this new virtual world Salesforce makes sure to stay ahead with forward thinking. We truly care about every employee and you can tell by the new programs that have been introduced since COVID. Salesforce goes above and beyond helping each other, customers and communities with everything to navigate the unknown.”

For everything happening around the world right now, Sneha tries to look for the positives rather than getting overwhelmed with things beyond her control. Born and raised in a middle class household in India, Sneha feels she was ingrained with grit and perseverance during her upbringing.

Working at Salesforce has taught Sneha to prioritize her wellbeing. She sets boundaries with timezones and listens to recorded meetings when she is able. She also declines meetings unless she is sure what is requested of her, as her time is valuable. Amidst the pandemic, Sneha is now able to use her previous 3.5 hours a day of getting ready for work and commuting time to be a better mom, wife and employee. Working from home now, she recharges by taking mid day baths which she would have considered a ridiculous idea when she working from office earlier! Sneha also loves to go on walks and listen to podcasts. She’s listening to Women at Work and The Anxious Achiever both by the Harvard Business Review.

For Those Who Want to Return to Salesforce

Sneha shared that there are no shortcuts to the interview process! She had to clear 6 rounds of interviews despite being a former employee. However, she did say that the entire recruitment process is the best in class, even better than her first go round in 2017. “Don't just think of what you know, think of who you know! Keep in touch with your Salesforce friends and ex-colleagues. When the time comes, these friends and ex-colleagues can become your best advocates — before, during and after the interview process.

If you are looking for a new adventure like Sneha, explore our careers page and see if there is something of interest to you. Salesforce is hiring, even during the pandemic. If you have any questions about the Boomerang program or this story, make sure to give Sneha a shout.


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