Six Years in a Row:
We’re a Top Workplace in Atlanta

By Warren Wick

Six years ago, Salesforce’s presence in Atlanta was relatively small and did not register on most locals’ radar as a top workplace. Fast forward to today and I can proudly say Salesforce has become unmistakably, recognizable locally. We're proud to be in Atlanta and we're passionate about giving back to a city that has given us so much. We have several philanthropic partnerships with local organizations, we're active participants in Atlanta’s Pride and Martin Luther King Jr. Day parades, and we've committed to adding 600 jobs over the next five years with our new tower announcement.

Our local presence is steadily growing, which is why it’s especially humbling to see us recognized by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of Atlanta’s Top Workplaces in 2020.

I’ve been at Salesforce for almost 18 years, so my dedication and passion for our organization truly runs deep. I find inspiration and motivation in the customers we serve, and the trust they instill in us every day. Atlanta is home to many of our Salesforce customers, including Coca-Cola, InterContinental Hotels Group, Truist Bank (formerly known as SunTrust), and Kabbage. It’s been amazing to build partnerships with organizations that are deeply rooted in our city’s fabric and to positively impact change together for the communities in which we serve.

Our customers are paramount to our success as an organization, but our employees are truly at the heart of what makes Salesforce special. At Salesforce, we’re committed to continuous improvement in all areas from personal career development opportunities to using our real estate design to create a space to promote collaboration, fun, sustainability, and employee wellness. In Atlanta, we’re constantly evolving to fit the needs of our growing workforce. Last year, we made significant strides with two ongoing initiatives:

  • Real Estate - We’ve been going through renovations to accommodate our rapid growth. Our new lobby and social lounge have been huge favorites of mine. Since we’ve started construction, I’ve seen a new wave of employee pride and a renewed interest in collaboration and interaction across teams. 
  • Development - Last year, we established our Atlanta Site Leadership Council. The purpose of the council is to advocate and serve the needs of all Atlanta and Georgia-based employees. The council is comprised of leaders from all major organizations and departments represented locally. We meet monthly to discuss issues affecting our employees and our office, to set priorities and formulate action plans, and to maintain connectedness and transparency across teams and throughout our hub.

I’m thrilled about all that we’ve accomplished but I know it’s just the beginning. This Top Workplaces award is a great representation of what’s happening for us in Atlanta. I look forward to continuing this adventure with you and painting our city Salesforce Blue.

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