My Experience Joining One of Greater Washington’s Top Workplaces

By Jasmine Waring

I joined Salesforce — recently named one of Greater Washington’s Top Workplaces by the Washington Business Journal — during one of the most turbulent times in our country’s history.

One of the reasons I wanted to join Salesforce is its reputation as a strong advocate for equality. I heard about the company’s culture and how inclusive it was, but I never expected what would unfold in the last few months.

During these last difficult months, Salesforce has not disappointed.

When I was interviewing for my role, I felt heard. My future manager clearly respected and valued me as a person, and not just as someone to fill a role. Given the pandemic, all of my interviews were online. Not once was I asked to compromise my wellbeing, or my family’s, to come into the office to physically interview. As the President for National Sales Network, DC Baltimore, I knew of several members who were interviewing at other local companies around the same time and had to make the difficult decision to come into their prospective offices for in-person interviews. I’m thankful to Salesforce for never putting me in that situation.

A snapshot of me hosting a National Sales Network event. 

One of the first conversations I had with my new manager was the same day we heard about the stay-at-home orders! I’ll never forget, she asked me when I was available to speak, and I had to be transparent. I suggested a much later time in the evening because I needed to go to the grocery store to stock up on food and toilet paper! She completely understood and encouraged me to prioritize my family.

Since starting, my onboarding process has been entirely remote. To be honest, there has still been a bit of a learning curve because I can’t just eavesdrop on others around me, but I’ve received constant support from the Onboarding Team and my own team. Throughout this process, they’ve been available to fill in the gaps and have been absolutely incredible. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of support at Salesforce. As a new employee, I have a Trail Guide, who is like my peer coach and is available to answer my endless questions and helps me navigate various systems internally. I feel like I’ve been set-up for success and have the foundation to thrive. 

As a new hire, I’ve been impressed by the ongoing support for both employees and the communities we serve during this challenging time; Salesforce truly isn’t afraid to tackle the hard issues. After the killing of George Floyd, I’ll never forget how our Leadership team responded. While it was uncomfortable for some, it meant more than I can express that our CEO Marc Benioff addressed it head on, saying he wants to use our business as a platform for change. He acknowledged he didn’t have all the answers, but he put people and processes in place to hear the voices of underrepresented minorities and get our input on what we could do together. 

Empathy from leadership didn’t stop at the C-suite level. I also remember my Regional Vice President, Rashanda, starting our weekly team sync by saying the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmed Arbery. It was cathartic — I didn’t realize how deeply I felt the effects of systemic racism in this country. She created a space for me to be vulnerable and an opportunity for others to learn from this sensitive moment. Afterward, multiple colleagues reached out and expressed their desire to learn more about how they could do their part. It was the first day I felt what it meant to have allies who had the capacity and willingness to learn and help. 

Reflecting back, I’m almost in tears thinking about it because I have never worked at a company where so many people showed empathy and were willing to address tough issues head-on!

During times like these, you’re able to see and prioritize what matters in an employer. Since starting at Salesforce, I’ve had several recruiters persistently reach out to me on LinkedIn and I am not interested at all because of how warm and inclusive the culture is here. There’s nothing that can compare or compete with an organization that is genuinely and actively engaged in making sure you feel seen, heard, and valued. 

SE Lunch Meetup and Team Outing

In January, I couldn’t have imagined starting a new career opportunity with the world’s #1 CRM in one of the craziest periods of my lifetime. However, it’s been a joy and an experience I’m treasuring. Despite the lack of physical connectivity, there have been so many bright spots for me: virtual hangouts, impromptu outdoor meet-ups, B-Well Breaks, and the list goes on. I’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions since joining a few months ago and I can confidentially say I’ve made the right choice by joining Salesforce, one of Greater Washington’s Top Workplaces.

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