Key details

Address: Route de la Longeraie 9, 1110 Morges, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 21 695 37 00

Check In: Upon arrival, please check in at Reception.

Staying the night

The good stuff

Getting here

  • Parking: 2 visitors spots are available at the entrance of the building
  • From Geneva Airport:
    • Train: The quickest, easiest and least expensive way to get to the Morges office from the Airport.Trains are very frequent and will take 35-40 minutes. Train ticket vending machines are available in English
    • Taxis: Parked outside the airport trip will take 40 minutes to 1 hour and will cost CHF 200 - 300
  • From Morges Station
    • The office is 1.5km / 1Mile from the train station. The bus route is irregular and transport is best by car or on foot
    • A local green color train, the BAM, is available on platform 5 and leaves every hour from the station. It stops on request at La Gottaz, first stop after Morges station. Single class only. Travel time: 1 minute. The train ticket used for the trip to Morges is also valid on the BAM.
  • Preferred taxi company in Morges (The taxis are in front of the Morges railway station)
    • ABC taxis Srl, phone: +41 21 802 25 25, AMEX accepted.
    • Other taxis available, for payment with AMEX, please ask the driver.