3 Tips to Expand Your Career Path with Salesforce's Acquisitions

by Valerie Nadi

What first crosses your mind when you hear that Salesforce has acquired a company? For our employees, every acquisition means new career possibilities. That’s certainly the case for Jeff Dopp.

Based in Salesforce's Salt Lake City office, Jeff joined the company as Director of Managed Services, overseeing customer environments for retail software. After a couple years in that role, he wanted to continue growing his career and honing new skills — but without going anywhere new.

Jeff said, “Salesforce has such a unique culture from what I've experienced elsewhere. Our values are real, and I feel genuinely cared about. That makes my work easy. I want to come to work every day, and this gives me positive energy to bring home to my family.” With five boys and commitments as their soccer coach, Jeff needs all the energy he can get!

One day, a company that had been on his radar — MuleSoft — was acquired by Salesforce. Jeff took action and now shares his three tips for landing a role at one of Salesforce's recently acquired companies

“The day I heard about the MuleSoft acquisition, I immediately told my manager that I wanted to find an opportunity with the team. Integrating different systems to make a better single solution is something I've done in the past and really enjoy. I was glad that I could explore that path without leaving the company,” Jeff reflected. His manager welcomed the candid conversation and was a champion for Jeff’s career goals.

After sharing his intentions with his manager, Jeff started watching job openings. He applied when he found a role that matched his interests and expertise: Sr. Technical Architect. 

This position would leverage his leadership, architecture, and problem-solving skills. In it, he would help MuleSoft’s customers transform digitally through the use of API Networks built on top of the company’s existing technology. A role like this combines technical expertise, change management, and strong communication skills. Jeff recognized that Technical Architects had various backgrounds — some were IT directors, software engineers, consultants, and more. And he had the competencies to succeed in the role.


2. Train and try your best

The interview included a coding exercise, which Jeff was initially intimidated by. “I knew how to do some of the work, and brushed up on other skills using resources like Trailhead. But there were a couple tasks that I absolutely didn't know how to complete.“

Concerned you won’t have the solution to a technical challenge? Jeff offers this advice: “Don't let it overwhelm you. Interviewers are most interested in seeing how you problem-solve when encountering something new.”

Take the Navigate the Salesforce Hiring Process trail for more tips to prepare for our interview and coding exercises.

“If you're looking at a career change, don't be afraid. There may be things you don't know or feel you aren't really strong in, but try anyway.”


3. Learn from every interaction

“In full transparency, I found the interview exercise challenging,” reflected Jeff. He didn't think he was going to land the gig. But, he decided to listen to the words he coaches his kids with — “you learn more from your losses than your wins.” The hiring team offered debrief sessions to share feedback that could help Jeff improve going forward. “They told me what to work on, and they were absolutely right. So those are the skills I'm trying to develop now.”

Jeff decided that even if he wasn't offered the role, he would view it as a win. “If you don't get the job, you will be better at interviewing, you will meet people within Salesforce, and you will learn what it is you need to work on for you next opportunity.”

Jeff was excited to learn he landed the role, and today he’s still loving the work. “The values MuleSoft held are really aligned with Salesforce's. When you bring good humans together with good ideas and good technology, it's going to be successful.”

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