Our Marketing team members can be found at customer meetings with Fortune 500 companies, at customer event booths showcasing our innovative technologies, on social media platforms speaking with our ever-growing number of followers, and at briefings with top-tier media publications. We support pipeline creation, customer acquisition, revenue generation, brand awareness, and more, for one of Fortune's “Most Admired Companies” in the world.


One of the things I like most about working at Salesforce is the fact that there's never a dull moment. We are constantly offered chances to get out of our comfort zones and do something different. Opportunity is waiting around every corner.


This is a 'yes' company. Whatever the circumstance, we always find our will and we always find our way. This place oozes energy and passion. It doesn't bottle it up just for employees. It shares that energy and that passion with anyone who needs it. And I mean anyone. Whether it's through a customer touchpoint, a partner relationship, or simply a passerby, that energy makes this place different. That passion is indisputable. It's a culture of 'yes,' and that is Salesforce.


I started the year seeing a professional opportunity that really excited me. Unfortunately, that role did not exist at Salesforce. With the guidance of esteemed colleagues and research highlighting the value of introducing a new discipline, I proposed adding design strategy to the creative group. My department leads provided me the support and time needed to develop the role. And I'm happy to report that infusing design thinking with creative strategy is delivering great results!


Our product marketers work closely with the business to deliver strong, consistent corporate and product messaging in line with our CEO’s vision.

The public relations and corporate communications team is responsible for explaining Salesforce products and values to the public, press influencers, market analysts, and key stakeholders.

This talented team of designers, copywriters, videographers, web developers, and more concepts, creates, and upholds the Salesforce brand and everything it touches.

The digital gurus on our web and strategy team own the Salesforce website, delivering top-notch UX, rich updated content, and connecting all our product lines into one cohesive experience.

Working on our campaigns team involves planning and executing large-scale marketing campaigns to support pipeline and lead generations. Our operations analysts help oversee, drive, and budget company-wide initiatives.

Our agile, fast-paced events team plans and executes hundreds of global company events every year, including Dreamforce, the largest cloud computing event in the world.