Pathfinder Program Helps Grads Pivot Careers and Launch Careers in the Salesforce Ecosystem

by Jennifer Porto
Salesforce Pathfinder is a workforce development program designed to train individuals with the skills necessary to pursue a career within the Salesforce Ecosystem. In collaboration with Deloitte, Pathfinder is a 16-week program that combines Salesforce's technical training with Deloitte's business skills training. It is the vision of Pathfinder that all individuals — regardless of background, demographics, and socioeconomic status— have the skills and support necessary to pursue careers in tech. 

Pathfinder Spotlight: Aaron Steenhoven

Welcome to another installment of our Pathfinder Spotlight. Today we are talking to Aaron Steenhoven about his experience as a Pathfinder. By the time Aaron found Pathfinder, he had held a variety of positions. He was an ordained church minister, had pursued a career as a songwriter in Nashville, co-founded and sold a retail business, worked in the music industry as a Business Analyst, and the health industry as a Financial Analyst.
You have had a unique career path that has allowed you to explore a variety of positions. Tell us about what brought you to the Pathfinder Program?
After working with SQL and database management, I had a desire to continue growing in the tech industry. When I found out my company was going through a re-org, I had a decision to make— I could continue pursuing a career in finance, or I could take my career in a new direction. I decided to attend a coding boot camp. This allowed me to level up my tech skills without breaking the bank. I enrolled in the JavaScript immersive at Eleven Fifty Academy. It was here that I was given the opportunity to apply for the Salesforce Pathfinder program. 
Tell us about your experience in the program.
My experience with the Pathfinder Program has been nothing but positive! Pathfinder does an incredible job of welcoming people from all walks of life. I was blown away by the kindness that I experienced from everyone that I had the privilege of working with in the Salesforce ecosystem - you could really feel the sense of community. The experience doesn’t end when the program ends. The team was incredibly supportive to me while pursuing my Admin certification upon graduating.
Do you have any words of encouragement for someone thinking about making a career shift?

If you consider a career change or life thrusts you into one unwillingly, I hope you will consider the Salesforce ecosystem. For those already in the trenches, I’ll leave you with a quote given to me from the Pathfinder team: “You’ve got this!” If you fail that certification test, get up and try again because, “You’ve got this!” If the job search gets long, and you repeatedly get passed on, keep showing up for interviews, because, “You’ve got this!” When life throws you curveballs, keep on swinging, cause...“You’ve got this!”

Aaron graduated from the Pathfinder program in August 2019 and is currently working as a Salesforce Solutions Architect, where he uses Sales and Marketing Cloud software to create custom technology solutions for his customers.

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