Salesforce’s Pathfinder Program Helps Graduates Pivot Careers for More Opportunity

by Denna Mafie
Since its launch in 2018, we’ve seen incredible stories emerge from the graduates of the Pathfinder Training Program as they’ve gone on to blaze new trails in their careers as Salesforce developers and admins. Silas Tolliver, a Marketing Cloud Engineer, tells an inspiring story of how he was able to pivot from a career that felt stale to one that’s been invigorating and exciting. Today, he’s a Salesforce Developer at SitRep since graduating from the program in 2019.

Pathfinder Spotlight: Silas Tolliver

How did you find out about Pathfinder and what drove you to apply?
“I saw a news article about the Pathfinder program. At the time, my developer career was moving towards a dead end, and I was looking for a new direction.”
What were your expectations going into the program?
“To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, I was hoping that earning my Salesforce Developer Certification would lead to new job opportunities because I was feeling a bit stagnant in my career at that point. I figured the best way to grow was to acquire new in-demand skills so more doors would open for me in the job market, and Salesforce is such an in-demand company so it just seemed like a great opportunity.”
What was the most challenging part and what was the most rewarding part of the program?
“While I found it difficult to manage the weekly course load while working full time, it wasn’t impossible. It just takes a bit of time management. Receiving my certification was incredibly rewarding, but even more so was starting a new job, an opportunity I attribute to my involvement with the program. It made me feel like the benefit of the program was truly tangible and like there was a clear path from graduating the program to landing a new role, rather than just acquiring new skills in hopes that it would pay off at some point in my career.” 
What advice would you have for anyone thinking about applying?
“First, I would say don't think about it, just do it! Then I would tell them to not give up. It's not easy and part of the challenge is to see if you can get through it, but the rewards are so worth it.”
How has Pathfinder changed your professional life?

“I was formally trained as a Ruby on Rails web developer. My career devolved into IT support and random projects for clients that could be anything, so my professional life was starting to feel a bit directionless. I began to feel like I wanted a different path for myself.

My first job after Pathfinder is my current role as a Marketing Cloud Engineer with a small specialized consulting firm called SitRep. There were two surprising parts about it: first, I hadn’t had extensive training on Marketing Cloud, so everything was on the job training in the beginning which was exciting and helped me grow so much. I’ve since earned my certification as a Marketing Cloud Email Specialist. Second, I specialize in Marketing Cloud integrations, Salesforce DMP, and special projects. This involves a great deal of knowledge about web development, or rather, how web sites are built and the ability to solve all types of problems. If you've done consulting work, you probably know that any request can come through the door. So, it's been challenging and stimulating, which is exactly what I was looking for in my career!

Finally, there are a lot of growth opportunities when working in the Salesforce ecosystem which I didn't feel was that prevalent in my previous career track. In fact, my role is now being expanded to include both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud integrations due to business growth, so the opportunities really do feel endless.”

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The Pathfinder Training Program was founded in collaboration with Deloitte as a workforce development initiative. The program is designed to train individuals with the technical and business skills necessary to be positioned for high paying careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. The four-month program provides technical and business skill training and support to become certified Salesforce Administrators and Developers. Learn how to raise your hand for the Pathfinder program and gain the skills and support necessary to pursue your future career as a Trailblazer.

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