Pathfinder Program Helps Revitalize Careers

by Denna Mafie

The Pathfinder Training Program was founded in collaboration with Deloitte to train the next generation of Trailblazers. The four-month curriculum combines Salesforce's technical training, Deloitte's business skill training, and mentorship to help prepare community college students and veterans for jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem as administrators or developers. To date, Pathfinder has graduated 275 participants who have been hired by leading employers across various industries. This year, we're expanding the program to the Bay Area and London - doubling our goal to train almost 1,000 people in the next three years!

We believe talent exists in all forms, and are proud of the diverse individuals who have forged their own unique paths through our program, such as Sarah Isen, a Fall 2018 Indiana graduate who is now a Business Analyst/Consultant with Appirio, leading Salesforce implementations on the Express Team.

Pathfinder Spotlight: Sarah Isen

How did you find out about Pathfinder and what drove you to apply?
“After being out of the workforce for almost eight years, I was ready for a change and knew I wanted to get back into technology. I stumbled upon a press release for the Pathfinder program while researching Salesforce jobs one night and was excited about the opportunity to be a part of it. It offered me a unique chance to learn a new skill that was in high demand and would give me the boost I needed to reinvent my career.”
What were your expectations going into the program?
“I had a few different goals and expectations going into the program. First, I was hoping to obtain my Salesforce Admin certification because I love technology and solving problems, and I knew I wanted to move into consulting and interact directly with clients. I was really excited to challenge myself and meet new people.”
What stood out as the most challenging and rewarding parts of the program?
“For me, the in-person training with Deloitte was pretty challenging. It forced me to be a little vulnerable, reviewing my resume with some incredibly talented people and getting feedback that changed my point of view. I walked away with a greater sense of confidence and a message I wanted to share with others. The Pathfinder program also helped me realize that I should be unapologetic for choosing to spend time raising my kids. Being a Pathfinder opened many doors and led me to a new career with so much opportunity. These have been the most rewarding parts of the program for me.”
What advice would you have for anyone thinking about applying?
“Don’t wait, apply now! It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of the Salesforce Ohana. Once a Pathfinder always a Pathfinder!”
How has Pathfinder changed your professional life?

“Before the program, I spent eight years at home with my two kiddos after stepping away from my career when my youngest was born. Now, my daily life consists of morning calls with our technical team in Jaipur, discovery sessions with our clients, creating user stories, demoing new functionality and ultimately, enabling a successful outcome of our projects.  I’ve had the chance to work with some amazing clients and collaborate with co-workers across a number of continents. My role is often challenging, yet it continues to push me to grow both personally and professionally. 

On a personal level, returning to the workforce has certainly eased the burden we felt as a family relying on just one income. Eliminating our debt was our first priority and we are almost there! My husband and I were finally able to put together a realistic plan for retirement. It has always been our goal to retire on the early side, yet we weren’t able to make much progress until now. We have increased our 401k contributions this year and set a goal to retire in 15 years. It’s quite exciting to work towards this step and know that it is possible now thanks to my new career.”

Start your own journey to transformation. Apply to the Pathfinder program today.

Salesforce’s Pathfinder Training Program provides the training and accreditation necessary to be positioned for high paying jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem. The four-month program provides technical training, business skills training, and support to become certified Salesforce Administrators and Developers. Take the first step to a new path for yourself by learning more and applying to the Pathfinder program here!

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Pathfinder is training the next generation of Trailblazers
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