How It Started As A Futureforce New Hire. How It’s Going...

by Alvaro Lopez-Muller


Meet Alvaro Lopez-Muller! He’s a Software Engineer, normally based at the Salesforce Dublin Tech Hub, but currently working from the comfort of his couch! Alvaro is part of the Salesforce university graduate program; Futureforce and recently marked the first anniversary of his first-ever professional role, and in celebration of this major milestone, he has shared some of his insight he gleaned from year one at Salesforce:

In November 2019, I had just finished university and some personal projects, so I began applying for roles across many tech companies. Of course, all the cool names (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc) were on my list. What recent Engineering graduate wouldn’t want to work at one of those companies? 

To be completely honest, I didn’t know much about Salesforce back then, apart from the cute mascots that appeared every now and then on my LinkedIn feed. I didn’t even know what a CRM was! I originally applied for my role because a friend of mine worked there and she seemed to be happy. 

Maybe you haven’t heard much about Salesforce? Don’t worry! 

Salesforce is a B2B company, which means that our clients are not individuals like you and me, but companies. Our products are not well-known like Instagram or TikTok in the student world. But you might recognise other brands like Adidas, EA Games, and Kellogg’s cereal? All these popular companies leverage Salesforce to deliver the best products to their customers.

And when you enter the professional world and start hearing about Salesforce, that’s when you realize how huge it is! When I joined, I couldn’t imagine there was a company like this off my radar. I promise you I was extremely impressed. 

For starters, I was very surprised to see that the company is huge... way bigger than you think. Our products are used by millions of people. We are the leaders in the market by far, and the top 500 Fortune companies are our clients. I won’t say names, but I work with very cool client companies (and even governments) every day. If you think of a big and famous company, they will probably be our clients too!

Also, I didn’t know Salesforce had such a cool company culture that we see in movies about Silicon Valley. In fact, I’m (truly) convinced we have one of the best ones. Modern offices, no suits, free snacks, bean bags, mascots, ping-pong. Yep, all the cool stuff. But that’s not the important part of our culture.

We have a lot of flexibility, we can work the way we feel most comfortable with. Managers are here to help and make you grow. I have always felt comfortable talking with them, and I could tell they truly cared about me and my career. 

During my first weeks, I was very impressed with how friendly people are here. At the beginning, I was really nervous jumping on calls with others across the company. But after a few of them, I realised that conversations were always relaxed and friendly. No need to be tense, even when talking with managers or VPs! Our company culture and recruitment strategies foster this friendliness. 

As an Engineer and tech lover, innovation was very important for me. That’s why I was happy to see that it is another very important part of our culture. We have cutting-edge technology, and it is a great place to learn how a real-life software system works. But we don’t settle. We put a lot of effort into our innovation. Being creative and thinking out of the box is really valued. I’ve been here for just one year, but I have already been able to participate in a Hackathon. I didn’t win, but my team passed to the final round, and I was able to present my project in front of four high level executives. Now I’m working on implementing the idea and I’m receiving a lot of support for that. 

In addition, I discovered that Salesforce is, without doubts, one of the companies with strongest social values in the world. It is heavily committed to having positive impact in our society and world. Equality is one of the main principles here, and it’s taken very seriously. There are several Equality Groups at Salesforce, that unite hundreds of employees who want to have a positive impact on a particular aspect of society. Some examples are BoldForce (which aims to empower the Black community), Earthforce (which aims to contribute to sustainability) and OutForce (which aims to promote sexual diversity and inclusion).

Also, the company has a tremendous focus on employee wellbeing. There are many initiatives launched to keep us healthy, balanced and happy. For example, we are given resources to practice sports, educate ourselves or disconnect from work when needed. I know it sounds like a cliche, but these things really make you feel a bit more as part of a family (or Ohana, as we say here) rather than a company that just pays your salary. It works, you can tell people are happy, and that’s why we usually top employee satisfaction surveys around the world.

I will also say that we have an amazing international and multicultural environment. We meet and collaborate with people from all over the world. I have teammates in Tokyo, Hyderabad, Rome, San Francisco, Dublin and more. And I won’t lie, that’s pretty awesome. 

What I wish I knew then (where you are now) is that Salesforce plays in the major leagues, alongside all those other tech companies. We have top products, cutting-edge tech, modern company culture, international presence, thousands of important customers and top talent. Yep, the whole package! And once you enter the tech or professional world, you start realizing that the above is true, and that our reputation (sorry for not being humble here) is exceptional. 

And, in case you liked what you’ve read, remember.... we are hiring!

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