From Futureforce Intern to Full-time Employee: Igor Rosica

by Futureforce


As our workforce in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico continue to expand, the Futureforce flag has been firmly planted as our intern and graduates programmes continue to nurture our future leaders of tomorrow. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear the stories from some of our former Futureforce interns who have been promoted, and now are ‘graduated’ into Futureforce New Grads! First up, is Solution Consulting Specialist, Igor Rosica from Brazil.

Igor joined the Futureforce family in May, part of our very first cohort we welcomed remotely due to Covid-19. Just months later, Igor was fast-tracked from an intern to a full-time employees due to his immense hard work and success. 

He credits a lot of his success to his team:

“I’m really close to my manager, my colleagues and all the other interns, we really engage with each other, especially during all that is happening. And the Futureforce program; it made a difference in helping me to stay connected.”

Asked about his onboarding during a global pandemic, Igor was surprised by the ease of the entire process: “Firstly, it was a great surprise to be part of the accepted program, and the support from the team was awesome; all the equipment I needed to succeed and of course the amazing swag from Futureforce; this is what makes the situation more personal.”

So, what was his impression of Salesforce?

“At the beginning of my internship - once I was settled - it was basically a lot of discovery. We attended executive speaker series which focused on discovering the local business area and meeting people that works with the professional service area. My key aim was to connect with as many people that I can, across my business segment, and others as well. 

“I mentioned discovery earlier; many 1-1 meetings with my managers, who constantly doles out advice, asking me what I think I need to improve, he’s a great person, and has supported me so much in where I want to go. And I also want to call out my meetings with my Trailguide 2-3 times a week, which was so important. He taught me a lot on how to work, a lot of technical stuff, how to navigate the Salesforce system, how to project manage, and how to deal with soft skills. I  definitely would like to thank my manager Tiago Carreira, my Trailguides Fabio Schiozer and Tiago Nascimento and all the Futureforce program as well!'”

Quite often, people hear ‘intern’ and they expect some minor tasks and little accountability or impact involved. But not at Salesforce; at Salesforce each intern makes such an impact on our eco-system and the projection path of our products. Igor was no different:

“In my view, the best part of being a Salesforce employee is knowing that the company's values are really taken seriously, and this means that we can be ourselves in the work environment, where everybody respects diversity.”

“I was able to take part in project meetings and be involved at the proof of concept level. I shadowed technical architects and proactively reached out to other architects, who mentored me. I take part in the weekly deep-dive stand ups where architects share their knowledge, and I get to learn so much! I worked really hard to get as close to real projects and am currently working on certifications;  I have 3 certs already and need to get my fourth one.”

Here is what Igor has been working on:

  1. Developed, together with a team of consultants and architects, a proof of concept using Lightning Scheduler for Financial Services Cloud within an enterprise-scale customer project.
  2. articipated on mentorship activities with technical architects, aiming to get expertise on many different subjects, such as release management, devops concepts, basics of architectures and general good practices on developing an SFDC project.
  3. Worked on an Agile team and participated in regular scrum rituals within an internal project.

Today, Igor is a Solution Consulting Specialist, and that means he works directly with the needs of our customers in service projects.

“Having the opportunity to develop the ability of understanding our customers pain and driving them to success is, in my point of view, a really great opportunity to grow as a consultant. We also deal with technical issues; having a solid knowledge within our Clouds is pretty important either. Currently I'm working in a project, together with a team, that involves Financial Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud and also Tableau CRM, so having a broad view, in my perspective, can be crucial for an architect.”

Needless to say, it’s been a busy five months for Igor! We asked him what advice he’d give to candidates thinking about interning at Salesforce? 

Igor: “First, get as close as possible to your Trailguide as you can. This is the person who will really support you and give you the advice you need. Second, expand your network. Look into shadowing, the more people you can connect with, the better. One of the most impressive thing we have here at Salesforce is out network. Everyone I’ve reached out to, no one has ever said no. Everyone has been so receptive - this is what makes us so different and special, you are part of the Ohana and everyone will be ready to help you.”

“And finally, the most important for me is how Salesforce leads with our core values. I'm an ally of every one of our Equality Groups, and this makes me really proud of being a Salesforce employee. So make sure to join in and make your impact!”

You can learn more about opportunities available to interns and new grads at Salesforce LATAM on our Futureforce website.
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