My Salesforce 2021 Internship Experience


August 23, 2021

Palak Mittal


Onboarding and the BIG parcel

One of the key experiences recommended during your time as an undergraduate is doing an internship. Gaining work experience is key for boosting your employability and knowing about how things actually work in the industry, especially for a computer science student.

It was the month of September when I got an offer letter from Salesforce to join as a Software Engineering Intern. All these months passed in excitement to join the world's #1 CRM. One day a huge parcel was on my doorstep. Yes, it was a 16-inch MacBook Pro, the coolest laptop with a lot of accessories. But my happiness was nothing as compared to one on the day of joining. Yep, the wait was finally over and I onboarded for my internship.


New Team, New People, New Work! Well, you have a guide :)

On the very first day of joining, we, the 100+ interns had our introductory session. Then, I got a call from my manager welcoming me to the TEAM.

About company! What's the work? What will be my role? A large number of products! So many thoughts, so many questions, and a lot of information, but no worries, I got a mentor cum buddy who was always there to guide me.

Then comes the most important part for which I was there, to learn and add value to whatever I do. I learned about the product on which my team works and also came to know about my project. When I started with my project, I was a college student with very minimal knowledge of how things work in industry and I was going to work on a completely new tech stack. Some days can be frustrating but one needs to keep doing the hard work instead of panicking to reach excellence. Also, knowing that how meaningful is the work that I am doing and is adding a lot of value in problem-solving gave me a constant motivation to keep learning and finding out the solution for every obstacle that came on my way. You need to know that there is no shortcut. A lot of challenges will come, but as per the age-old saying, "Hard work always pays off".

Work Culture

Working in a team is working with fun. Most of you might be thinking, how did I get along with the WFH system.

Salesforce is widely known for its amazing work culture and I was lucky to get an opportunity to experience it. Here we follow the Agile Methodology. Every Monday in alternate weeks starts with the Sprint Planning where we decide what we are gonna do. We had scrum meetings (4 days a week) for team updates where we collaborate with our team members and discuss all the ideas and new innovations that can be added. In addition to this, it keeps us in the loop with not only what we do but what we as a team are doing. The best part was my ideas were always invited to the table.

In addition to which we had a team lunch every month accompanied by a number of fun activities for interns and for the team. And when you are an intern, you get to attend both :p. Then, we had a recruiter connect every week where all our concerns and doubts were taken care of.


Then came the TMP India Intern Hackathon which was a YAY moment of my internship experience so far. It was a 60-hour hack where we have to remodel the existing login system for the external and internal users. This was a lot of fun. We also won the people's choice award which was a cherry on top of making some very good friends.

It's Showcase Time

Here we all are approaching our final presentations where we'll explain what we did in our whole journey at Salesforce to the bigger audience. Now when all of this is coming to the end and we have to head back to our colleges again, I don't want to be a cry baby here but yes I'll surely have a little sob on the last day. I learned a lot, made so many memories, broadened my professional network (and friends), had my share of challenges but in the end, it was the best summer. Learn more about opportunities within our Futureforce program at Salesforce.com/Futureforce.

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