Our new grad program adheres to the Japanese government's guidelines for college graduates, extending offers a year and a half prior to graduation . Once at Salesforce, these grads are provided with professional development opportunities, exposure to top leaders and networking events with their cohorts.
General position in Sales Development, etc. (grads will be allocated to a department after a training period for new grads)
March - June
*following Japan Business Federation (Keidanren)'s guideline
Your trail to becoming new grad at Salesforce will kick-off with the web-registration process. We'll follow-up with an application and based on your responses, invite you to take a web test. That will be followed by interviews and if you are deemed a match, an offer will be extended in a 1-1 in-person meeting.
Learn how Salesforce helps students discover career options, and get hands-on experience with Trailhead.