Marketing and Communications


MBA Internship and Full-Time Recruiting

Our marketing and communications teams drive awareness for some of our most strategic new initiatives and fastest-growing products. We inspire and captivate our customers by creating innovative go-to-market programs and campaigns. We work cross-functionally with partners across our business, ranging from product management to sales, and with our partner community, to create thought-provoking, inspirational stories, and deliver best-in-class engagement.

Where we hire.

United States and Canada
Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Product Marketing

Our world-class product marketers create and tell inspirational stories with cutting-edge demonstrations to people around the world. We develop product messaging and positioning, go-to-market programs, campaigns, events, and sales enablement. We measure our success by our ability to create and innovate marketing strategies, to gain C-level, IT director, and key buyers’ mindshare. Our product teams drive unique, differentiated messaging across a range of marketing tactics. With many products to choose from, PMMs have the opportunity to cultivate their careers within a specialized space, working directly with leadership, presenting in front of internal stakeholders, collaborating with product leaders and engineers, and training sales teams.

Corporate Marketing

From public relations to creative to digital and events, our Marketing team members can be found at meetings with Fortune 500 companies, briefings with top-tier media publications, and world tour customer events. Whether we’re showcases our innovative technologies, on social media platforms, or creating campaigns, we’re always supporting pipeline creation, customer acquisition, revenue generation, and brand awareness.
“I was given the freedom and responsibility to trust my ideas. Being surrounded by like-minded, bright, and motivated people encouraged me to recognize my full potential and complete projects that reflected it. Everyone at Tableau is a lifelong learner, and that leads to some pretty cool experiences.”
Kelly Nesenblatt, Corporate Marketing Associate Analyst
We embrace the challenge of creating fun life-changing experiences while also doing work that impacts our customers because whether you’re in person or virtual, who says you can’t have the best summer ever?

Interview process.

Our hiring process for our marketing roles kicks off with a 30-minute phone interview with a recruiter. This is followed by a second, virtual interview with a hiring manager. Be prepared to speak to previous work experience and internships, and study up on Salesforce, as our interviewers love to see if you’ve done your homework. The final interview will consist of a virtual or onsite panel interview with the hiring manager. If it’s a mutual fit, an offer will be extended (timelines may vary).
“My Salesforce internship experience changed the trajectory of my career. With Futureforce, I was able to learn hands-on skills and work alongside the brightest people. Not every student can say that they managed projects that made a difference, but that they felt truly a part of the team. It was those experiences, Salesforce’s commitment to their values, and my teammates that led me back to Salesforce for a full-time career.”
Kamille von der Linden, Senior Representative, Product Marketing
“Futureforce is the best way to jumpstart your career. At Salesforce, I had access to incredible mentors and resources that set me up for success. During my internship, I worked on high-impact projects that gave me experience relevant to my career aspirations. The Futureforce team created unique opportunities for us to connect with our intern cohort and people across the company. I can’t imagine a better place to have spent my summer.”
Colten Woo, Marketing Associate Analyst

Prepare to interview.

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