Associate Product Manager Program (APM).

Our Associate Product Manager program is a 2-year rotational experience that helps kickstart your PM career with direct ownership of products, regular exposure to senior executives, fun events with fellow APMs, and more. We also offer a 12-week internship program, which provides many of the same opportunities in a condensed time frame.

What does an APM do?

The day in the life of an APM at Salesforce is exciting and fast-paced. APMs own the end-to-end development of the product, they typically spend time engaging cross-functionally and with customers. A day in the life could look something like this:

  • lead research sessions with customers on a pilot product
  • work with designers to identify and prioritize product requirements
  • sync with the product marketing team on deliverables for an upcoming product launch
  • lead walk-throughs of new features in team meetings
  • clarify the scope and answer questions in stand up meetings with engineering and designing teams

Outside of the normal day-to-day role, APMs are also part of the larger program and its curriculum. This means that they will learn important product management skills such as how to exert influence and how to negotiate. The APM program also offers a strong focus on community, mentorship, advocacy, personal development and executive exposure.

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In their own words.


The APM program at Salesforce has been an incredible opportunity for me to develop as a product leader. Each rotation so far has provided me the chance to work cross functionally: managing engineering teams’ work, collaborating with User Experience designers and writers, supporting sales processes, and my favorite: learning directly from customers. One highlight that exemplified this varied work was running a pilot on the Field Service team. I got to hear feedback on my product from customers all around the world, and I turned that feedback into a roadmap that I communicated to the teams developing the product. The best part, though, is the Salesforce culture and the incredible people I’ve met. I’ve felt so supported and encouraged by all the people involved in the APM program, and I’ll cherish these relationships for a lifetime!”

Katie Keller, 2020 APM Cohort, Summer 2019 APM Intern

Salesforce’s APM program has empowered me in ways I could not have imagined before starting my journey here. My peers and I have been granted an incredible amount of autonomy, exemplified by opportunities like owning features from end to end, leading customer discovery initiatives, and even presenting our work to executive level company leaders. I’ve also been provided an incredible support system of peers and mentors that has allowed me to grow rapidly in both my career and my personal life. The APM program has exceeded my expectations for all things related to culture, personal development, and career growth.”

Sabina Anand, Summer 2020 APM Intern

When I think about life after the APM Program, 3 areas stand out: Community, Development and Product. For Community, we have a broad network across diverse clouds to continually receive mentorship and developmental feedback, an expansive APM community across all product levels and industry domains that provides unique opportunities for networking, support and guidance; as well as APM buddy families - to mentor and share best practices with future product leaders. Development-wise, there's further emphasis on professional development through Salesforce programs like LEAP, Accelerate and BetterUp for professional coaching, and I’m especially excited to shift from a member to leader of the APM program by working with committees to define the future of the program through curriculum, personal development and cohort experience. Finally, when it comes to Product, I have varied options to join high-impact, emerging, valued product areas across the company from having had direct ownership over high-value projects, and the ability to drive direction across a product line.”

Ajay Shah, 2020 APM Cohort