Salesforce Research advances AI techniques that pave the path for new AI research directions, innovative products and applications with a positive impact on society. Our team of researchers, engineers, product managers, and designers drive AI innovation across pure research, applied research, and new product incubation- all built on our powerful AI platform. We bring companies and customers together using AI that is explainable, transparent, and accountable.

As part of our team you’ll learn unique skills, work with talented people, influence the industry standard for fair and ethical use of artificial intelligence and help us to shape the future of AI.

Where we hire.


Area of focus.

Computer Vision:

Our research team is working on cutting edge computer vision and AI research to allow our customers to harness the power of image recognition to solve an array of use-cases using pre-trained classifiers or custom models.  Einstein Vision allows you to harness the power of image recognition to solve an array of use-cases using pre-trained classifiers or custom models.

Deep Learning:

Deep learning fundamentals are applied to all research conducted by the team. They use machine learning methods based on supervised, semi-supervised or unsupervised  learning data representations, as opposed to task-specific algorithms. Great examples that we are currently working on are customer service chatbots, deep learning work based on sentiments to develop new features and products.


Our research team is working on cutting edge speech/voice and AI research to help our customers work smarter and faster - using the power of their voice. With Einstein Voice Assistant, one can conversationally update Salesforce records, drive analytics dashboards, and hear a personalized daily briefing. Build custom branded Einstein Voice Bots connected to Salesforce to provide seamless, consistent experiences on any third party device.

Natural Language Processing:

Our research team is working on cutting edge NLP and AI research to innovate new product ideas and enhance existing products to analyze large amounts of NLP Data. This will allow our customers to to leverage the power of NLP processing to analyze intention and sentiment to better understand their customers needs. 

Reinforcement Learning:

Reinforcement learning (RL) fundamentals are applied to all the aspects of our research in ML concerned with how to take actions in an environment so as to maximize some notion of cumulative reward great examples would be text mining and data personalization. 


Interview process.

Our process begins with an hour long interview with 1-2 of our researchers. The interviewers like to:

  1. Ask questions that dig deep into your projects (delving into decisions made and the logic of the finer points of your work); trying to see if you know every part of your work
  2. Ask you general breadth questions about machine learning and deep learning
  3. Understand the computational tools and infrastructure you used for experimentation and what challenges you faced there.

In their own words.


I was attracted to Salesforce Research due to its strength in natural language processing, focus on the ethical use of technology and using AI for social good, and the possibility of collaborating with researchers from its U.S. lab. Other significant draws for me were the ability to work on a fundamental research area of my interest while being exposed to how machine learning is used in production, the computational resources available, and its welcoming culture.”

Samson Tan, Industrial PhD Program Trainee

Salesforce Research is a leading research team in AI, and being a part of it was an invaluable experience for me. The teams' projects varied on topics from NLP, computer vision, and machine learning — thus, I had the chance to learn about other areas and topics.”

Sewon Min, PhD Intern