Sales makes the world go round! From our Business Development Associates to Sales Development Representatives and Sales Strategy Teams, our recruits interact 1-1 with customers, partners and prospects across the globe, assisting through strategic prospecting efforts, extensive account research and developing value propositions—having a tangible impact in the Sales Organization by generating high-value new business pipeline each year.

Where we hire.


Area of focus.

Sales Development is the foundation of our sales organization where new business opportunities come to life. Within the Business Development Associate (BDA) role, we support outbound sales teams by assisting them through strategic prospecting efforts and extensive account research. BDAs consistently make a tangible impact in the Sales Development Organization by generating millions of dollars of new business pipeline each year. 

Additionally, BDAs are enrolled in an intensive sales training program that has been built specifically for the benefit of current university students and recent graduates. The purpose of our program is to provide new professionals with the fundamental skills necessary to achieve a successful sales career at Salesforce.

When it comes to identifying sales opportunities, our team of Sales Development Representatives means business! Sales Development Representatives work closely with inbound prospects to determine how our products can help them best run their businesses. This is a great opportunity for people with 1-2 years of experience to join a dynamic team and become a world class sales professional.
The Sales Strategy & Operations team plays a crucial role in supporting the explosive growth of Salesforce products. This role is a hybrid of traditional jobs in strategic planning, sales operations, finance, and analysis – requiring a mix of market analysis, sales optimization and business operational support. Success in this role means assisting the appropriate sales group or business partner to drive the continued success of Salesforce by supporting our sales growth strategy.
The sales enablement team at Salesforce is critical in helping our sales teams crush their goals. In this role you will use sales analytics to help our salespeople increase quota attainment. You will also use predictive analytics to determine who to message and how to message potential customers as well as share/replicate best practices across the organization. With a coordinated sales enablement effort, teams are working together towards shared goals with a built-in feedback loop analyzing what works and what doesn't!

Interview process.

Our interview process begins with a recruiter phone screen. If successful, this will be followed by a 1-hour final panel interview including a 10-15 minute presentation. Expect to discuss class work and previous job/internship experiences during this interview stage. We encourage you to speak to how you've contributed as an individual on projects and be sure to brush up on your Salesforce knowledge, as our interviewers love to see if you've done your homework. If it's a mutual fit, an offer will be extended.

For EMEA after the initial virtual hiring interview - there will be a final stage either as an Assessment Centre for BDA or virtual/onsite for Strategy/Enablement/SDR.


In their own words.


I walked into this internship thinking that I had incredible sales skills for my age. Yet, I quickly realized how there are so many other sales processes, and tricks that work for some scenarios better than others. Overall, I learned a lot at Salesforce. I have developed skills that have not had much attention before, and I have taken away ideas and sales tips that I will take with me throughout all of my future endeavors.”

Allison Harrison, Business Development Associate

Culturally diverse. Positive environment and inclusive atmosphere. Challenging, friendly competition. Inspiring leaders. At Salesforce you have all the resources in the world and everyone around you wants to see you succeed.”

Connor Gallegos, Sales Development Representative

Here at Salesforce, values inspire everyday action and are applied in practice in every decision. I truly think these are the key success factors for a company, as they make employees feel proud of their authentic self and develop also a strong sense of belonging. Everybody wants to give back to their community, make others feel accepted, and promote diversity.”

Francesca Passafonti, Business Development Associate