Tech - Engineering & Security.

Our Salesforce Technology team is defining the future of cloud computing, delivering a secure, intelligent, scalable, high performance cloud computing platform. Our engineers have a significant impact in delivering customer value through our platform technologies, business and collaboration applications, engineering productivity tools, and security.

Where we hire.


Area of focus.

Software Development: This team designs, architects, and develops platforms and applications for companies like Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, Google, and E*TRADE.
Security: This team is responsible for ensuring that our products and infrastructure meet security standards while protecting our networks, systems, data centers and, most important, our customers' data.
This team works collaboratively with developers, product managers, and usability experts to make the Salesforce application easier to use. The team writes easy-to-understand user interface text, online help, developer guides along with creating Trailhead online learning tutorials, videos, and other user assistance to help customers use a variety of business applications. 

Interview process.

Software Engineer Intern:
Following a resume review, our interview process begins with a HackerRank Assessment to test basic understanding of CS fundamentals and coding skills (click here for practice test). If you pass HackerRank, your resume will be shared with our engineering team. If you match with a team, you will then proceed to an interview with a hiring manager, which can last up to 60 minutes. Note: these interviews will be both technical and behavioral in nature. If successful, this interview will be followed by a technical interview which will include a live coding exercise. If it's a mutual fit, an offer will be extended.

In their own words.


The people are what attracted me to it, in terms of both Salesforce and the various security teams. We shared our passion and nerdiness for security, and there was so much I could learn from them.”

Siddharth Chowdhury, Threat Intelligence Researcher

Salesforce supported me in setting my goals, studying and growing, and guiding me in my career. The care Salesforce invests in its personnel is reflected in the projects we deliver. At the same time we see the rewards of our hard work each day in the form of extraordinary innovative advances and challenging projects. It is a privilege to work for Salesforce and something I am grateful for every working day.”

Rutuja Chaudhari, AMTS Software Engineer

For my project, I developed a new service that can be used by all the development teams at Salesforce to reduce manual efforts for particular onboarding by more than 95%. This project helped me learn— how code is deployed to production, all the scripts, permissions and validation checks that are involved. It helped me learn about potential bugs and vulnerabilities that can creep into the code. My mentor helped me clarify the requirements, pointed me towards the right resources whenever required and coached me on the process of hosting my project.”

Aarjav Jain, Software Engineer Intern

Starting from day one, I felt that Salesforce invested in me as I did on it - to expand my experience and dive into the realm of front-end development.”

Zane Whitfield, AMTS Software Engineer