Digital Transformation in Healthcare


How to improve quality of life through healthcare technology.

Today’s consumers place a high value on personalized and connected online experiences. In fact, 80% say their experience with a company is as important as its products or services. Within healthcare, this means that finding new ways to reinvent the patient experience is a business imperative.

The healthcare and life sciences industry is taking steps toward digital transformation to respond to the shifting consumer mindset. However, despite the industry's best intentions, coordinating care across providers and insurers is often difficult for patients and caregivers. For example, from bringing paper printouts to CDs of scans, patients are literally carrying the stories of their health to appointments.


Dr. Ashwini Zenooz experienced this difficulty firsthand during her mother's 18-month battle with ovarian cancer. But through this hardship she realized the opportunity to help others with similar experiences by simplifying the patient journey.

Ultimately, this led her to Salesforce, where Dr. Ash serves as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Healthcare and Life Sciences. Her motivation is clear: to improve quality of life and the healthcare experience across technologies.

In Dr. Ash's white paper, Achieving Customer-Centric Digital Transformation in Healthcare, she explains the driving factors leading to the increased demand for integrated experiences and interoperability in healthcare, and shares best practices to embark on a collective journey to connected care. In this resource, Dr. Ash expands on the following tactics that will improve quality of life by placing the patient at the center of the ecosystem:

  1. Receive and Incorporate Feedback
  2. Take a Team Approach
  3. Find Your Platform for Change

“There's an incredible global opportunity for Salesforce to evolve the patient and member experience,” she shares.

Download the white paper today and learn how to amplify your impact within health and life sciences. Or, if you're ready to transform your career while changing the world at Salesforce, apply for your healthcare sales opportunity.

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