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Our commitment to education

Creating a new path forward through education, together.

We believe equality starts with education

We empower our partners through technology and philanthropic giving to help drive equitable access to education and economic opportunity for all. We work with schools, higher education institutions, nonprofits, and industry leaders from across the globe to break down barriers and empower students and educators.

Headshot of Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell, Superintenent of Oakland Unified School District

Education is everyone's responsibility. It takes teamwork. It takes the whole community to enable us to do what must be done for our students.

Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell
Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District

Celebrating Our Schools

We've been partnering with public schools for more than a decade to empower students and educators.

Hear from Our Partners

Read the inspiring stories of students and educators around the world who have been supported by Salesforce programs.

Our Education Initiatives

Salesforce for Education empowers institutions of all sizes to deliver connected education journeys for life with the #1 AI CRM.

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We partner with school districts and nonprofits to support career-connected schools and help people from underserved backgrounds access meaningful careers. 

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Join a thriving network of global education institutions using Salesforce.

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Our internship and apprenticeship programs support diverse and ambitious young professionals.

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Trailhead reduces barriers to learning and provides the tools needed to land a job in the Salesforce ecosystem — regardless of background or education level.

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Image of Chris Lowery, Commissioner, Indiana Commission for Higher Education and former SVP, Workforce, Careers and Adult Strategy, Ivy Tech Community College

Work and a good job can be transformative. People need relief, and higher education can be the bridge of opportunity between that relief and transformation.

Chris Lowery
Commissioner, Indiana Commission for Higher Education & Former SVP, Workforce, Careers & Adult Strategy, Ivy Tech Community College