We believe equality starts with education.

We empower our partners through technology and philanthropic giving to help drive equitable access to education and economic opportunity for all. We work with schools, higher education institutions, nonprofits, and industry leaders from across the globe to breakdown barriers and empower students and educators to dream big.

Together, we soar.

When we lift each other up, we soar together and empower each other to dream big.

Hear from Our Partners

Read the inspiring stories of students and educators around the world who have been supported by Salesforce programs.

Chriso Panayi

Recent High School Graduate,

Patrick Ng

Tech Liason,
Roosevelt Middle School, U.S.

Anita Alicea

Aspiring Leader, Aspiring Assistant Principals Institute,

John Townley

STEM Coordinator, Cecil Andrews,
College, Australia | School Plus Partner

Global Education Impact

Education Cloud ROI with a seven month payback period
grants to schools and education nonprofits
lifelong learners skilling up on Trailhead
nonprofit and higher education customers 

We support learners, families, educators, and staff on a global scale.


Salesforce for Education: Powering future-ready institutions

We’re putting the power of the world’s #1 CRM into the hands of K–12 and higher education institutions. Education Cloud is an integrated platform that connects insights across recruitment and admissions, student experience, advancement, and marketing for a unified view of every constituent.

Philanthropy: Supporting students and educators

We seek to provide all students with the resources and experiences they need to realize their potential. We are committed to supporting students’ academics along with their wellbeing and empowering our educators to lead.

Education Community: Connecting institutions globally

Join a thriving network of global education organizations using Salesforce. In the Trailblazer Community, you can connect with other like-minded individuals, share best practices, and collaborate on ways to drive learner and institution success.

Workforce Development: Blazing a trail forward

Career opportunities are critical to the success of lifelong learners. Through our programs dedicated to professional training and hiring, we help students and young people from underrepresented and underserved communities access the experiences, skills, and networks needed to secure strong jobs.

Trailhead: Skilling up from anywhere

Trailhead reduces barriers to learning and provides the tools needed to land a job in the Salesforce ecosystem — regardless of background or education level. With Trailhead, anyone can learn in-demand skills and earn resume-worthy credentials.

HBCU360: Equality starts with education

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are leading the way as sources of accessibility, equity, opportunity, and innovation. Salesforce partners with HBCUs to skill up students across academic disciplines, shape digital transformations, and drive social mobility and outcomes for the students and communities we collectively serve.

Tableau Academic Programs: Closing the data literacy gap

Tableau empowers and inspires the next generation of data natives with free software and learning resources for students and instructors. Tableau on-campus programs drive excitement around data while supporting students as they build data literacy skills for the future.

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