Partner Snapshots

Image of Anita Alicea, STEM Integration Specialist, U.S.

Anita Alicea

STEM Integration Specialist, Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy High School

“Anita’s leadership at the school level has truly created an environment of trust among staff and commitment to students.” - Anita’s mentor

Anita Alicea has worked as a STEM Integration Specialist at Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy High School for six years, focused on creating culturally responsive teaching and equity environments. Support from the Salesforce Foundation opened up a pathway for Anita to pursue her career goal to become an administrator by joining the Chicago Public Schools’ Aspiring Assistant Principals Institute. Through this program, Anita is nurturing her strong leadership potential and focusing on identified areas for development, enabling her to grow into an effective change agent and administrator.

Assia Laoukili, Sudent at TUMO Paris, France

Assia Laoukili

Student at TUMO Paris, France 

“I truly love TUMO Paris for helping me boost my confidence and digital skills.”

Assia embarked on her transformative journey with TUMO Paris two years ago, at the age of 14, after stumbling upon an online ad that sparked her curiosity to gain digital skills. Powered by Forum des Images and supported by the Salesforce Foundation, TUMO Paris offers her a gateway to new career possibilities. Despite a challenging one-hour commute, Assia's determination to excel in programming, 3D modeling, game development, music creation, and immersive learning labs never wavers. Her experience at TUMO Paris has ignited a new passion to pursue a career in cybersecurity, underscoring the profound impact of her dedication and perseverance.

Image of Paddy Russell, Headteacher at Ladybridge High School, Big Education UK

Paddy Russell

Headteacher at Ladybridge High School, Big Education UK

“We joined the Next Big 10 to learn with and from other educators who believe that it’s possible to provide an exciting, engaging education that prepares young people for life. Within the constraints of the current education system schools can be fearful of doing things differently. We are collaborating with schools that are curious and confident enough to provide more than the narrow band of knowledge that is required for success in examinations.”

The Next Big 10 is a two-year whole school transformation project, funded by Salesforce, for schools who want to develop and share innovative education practices with the wider education system. The program also produces case studies about curiosity and diversity within the classroom and their alternative provision within the mainstream. Program leaders have also written blogs about their approach to curriculum design, and diversity, equity, and inclusion at the school. Ladybridge has also worked on projects that have enhanced school provision around belonging, skill development, and the assessment of these skills.

John Townley, STEM Coordinator, Cecil Andrews College, Australia

John Townley

STEM Coordinator, Cecil Andrews College, Australia

“I believe that education in Australia requires great change to prepare students for the future and that teachers can drive that change.”

Too many students were dropping high-level STEM subjects at Cecil Andrews College and STEM Coordinator John Townley was determined that should change. So he created a vibrant robotics program and expanded it to 12 other schools. Salesforce’s support has also inspired the college to establish a statewide STEM Innovation Network involving 25 metro, regional, and remote disadvantaged schools. In recognition of his excellence and leadership in STEM education, John received a Commonwealth Bank Teaching Award, Australia’s most prestigious teaching award.

Image of Patrick Ng, Tech Liaison, Roosevelt Middle School, U.S.

Patrick Ng

Tech Liaison, Roosevelt Middle School, U.S.

“I’ve had the privilege to witness firsthand how Salesforce’s investment has transformed this school and the lives of our students.”

Patrick serves as liaison, coach, and resource for all things technology at Roosevelt Middle School. His position was made possible because of Salesforce’s Principal’s Innovation Fund. With Patrick’s leadership, Roosevelt’s transition to distance learning was one of the most effective in San Francisco Unified School District. Patrick went above and beyond to ensure all students had the tools, access, and knowledge to be successful. Throughout the pandemic, he traveled to families’ homes and met with them outside to repair equipment or walk them through processes that couldn’t be done online.

Image of Alexandra Bernadotte, CEO Beyond 12

Alexandra Bernadotte

CEO, Beyond 12, U.S.

“For us, AI is not about building cool new tools or tapping into the latest buzzword but about implementing a vision for how human lives can be more secure, joyful, productive, and fulfilling… we’re excited to work with the team at Salesforce and the volunteers who have lent their time and talent to advance our work.”

Beyond 12 is participating in the Salesforce Accelerator — AI for Impact to open new opportunities for thousands of students, by automating the creation of tailored content sourced from more than 4,000 college websites. Beyond 12 has helped more than 150,000 students from under-resourced communities graduate from college and pursue choice-filled lives. This opportunity can help supercharge their already impressive outcomes.