Ethical & Humane Use of Technology

Intentional Innovation.

The Office of Ethical and Humane Use (OEHU) provides guiding leadership for the tough questions that arise when human potential meets emergent technology. We work inside and outside Salesforce, developing and deploying powerful frameworks and products to propel innovation for a trusted, equitable tech world.

At Salesforce, we believe that the ethical and inclusive design, responsible development, and accessible use of technology are integral to preventing harm and unlocking human potential for all. And that this is a core business imperative — particularly as we dive into fast-developing technologies like building and using trusted AI.opens in a new window

Building a future with everyone in mind.

Our work centers on two key questions: How can we create more trustworthy & inclusive products, and how can we effectively manage risks while maximizing the positive impact of our products globally? When we answer these questions by creating for — and with — diverse stakeholders, we unleash innovation and create products people can trust.

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Join us on our trusted AI journey.

We're bringing trust to life through our AI ethics efforts. At Salesforce, trust has always been our #1 value. It’s critical to ensure that AI is safe and inclusive for all, and it starts with developing AI safely and ethically. The OEHU guides the responsible development and deployment of AI, both internally and with our customers. We offer our learnings to the public as resources to help others on their journeys toward trusted and ethical technology.

Salesforce research shows that AI is more trusted and desirable when an empowered human can take the lead in their partnership with AI. Human at the Helm is our approach to supporting businesses and their employees in thoughtfully steering, reviewing, and acting upon AI-generated content to ensure safe, secure, and trustworthy AI.

Our focus areas.

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Responsible AI & Technology

Establishing and delivering research- and data-informed best practices, tools, and frameworks for developing and using our AI products responsibly and ethically.

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Ethical Use Policy

Guiding the responsible use of our platform with principles, processes, and policies.

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Product Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Designing for and alongside users with disabilities to unlock innovation for everyone.

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Embracing AI experimentation & achieving trusted adoption across diverse populations is not merely an act of inclusivity; it's a strategic business imperative for being able to serve the different needs of customers across a range of backgrounds and perspectives.

Paula Goldman
Chief Ethical & Humane Use Officer, Salesforce

Our Ethical Use Advisory Council.

We recognize the transformative power of the technologies we create and their role in being a force for good around the world. We take this responsibility seriously especially as this opportunity is even greater as we continue to move into the generative AI space. To achieve this vision we are accountable to our Ethical Use Advisory Council, which is composed of external experts in academia and civil society, customer-facing employees, and internal executives. The Council oversees policy and product recommendations that go to company leadership surrounding the ethical design, development, deployment, and use of Salesforce products.

We’re better together.

Salesforce partners with several civil society organizations to advance the field of ethical and inclusive technology. We’re also proud to partner with public policy leaders worldwide to influence responsible AI development.

Our members hold active positions on various ethical AI councils around the globe, including the U.S. National AI Advisory Committee, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commission on Artificial Intelligence Competitiveness, Inclusion, and Innovation, the Singaporean Ethical AI Advisory Council, the Freedom Online Coalition’s Advisory Network, the Washington State Artificial Intelligence Task Force, the Oregon State Taskforce on Artificial Intelligence and the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

We recognize that achieving trusted AI cannot be the responsibility of a single company or individual and are proud to have publicly committed to several global voluntary commitments. These include pledges to conduct internal and external testing before product release, sharing information on risks and vulnerabilities with each other and government entities, and conducting research to address societal risks. To that end, we have signed onto the following voluntary commitments and industry pledges:

Moreover, Salesforce has been selected to be a part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) as a member of its inaugural class. We actively contribute our time and knowledge by participating in working groups and offering our expertise in building and deploying trusted AI. Additionally, we support the NIST AI Risk Management Framework opens in a new windowand have published a Quick-Start Guideopens in a new window on how to implement it. Lastly, in line with our commitment to ethical technology, we closely collaborate with the World Economic Forum’s Responsible Use of Technology steering committee. This collaboration allows us to work with leaders across civil society, government and business to exchange best practices and collectively advance the field of ethical technology - together.