Indianapolis, IN - Office Accessibility

Accessibility is fundamental to Salesforce culture. We make our spaces as inclusive as possible, but also know that some of our offices still have some restrictions and limitations.

We want to make sure that visitors, guests and employees are aware of any constraints in our office spaces, as well as highlight some of the accessible provisions that can be expected when visiting us. That way, everyone is empowered to plan their visit and make their time with us easy and enjoyable.

Getting to and from the office

UberWav service is available in Indianapolis. Visit the Uber Wav website for more information about this service.

The Indy Transit offers a bus route from the Indianapolis Airport to the Julia Carson Transit Center. Please visit the Indy Transit website for assistance planning your preferred route to/from the office.

IndyGo Access is a reservation-based accessible transport service offered by the Indy Transit group. Reservations must be made one to three days in advance. Visitors are required to complete a registration process prior to booking rides. Please visit the IndyGo Apply for Visitor Status website for more details.

Uber Wav and Lyft services are available to use to and from the office.

For paratransit services, we recommend the IndyGo Access Premium service. Please visit the IndyGo Access main website for more information.
Note: Nonresidents must visit the IndyGo Apply for Visitor Status website for more details on how to sign up for this service prior to your visit.

One bus stop is located across the street, approximately 100 feet away.

In the office

Elevators can be used to access each floor.

Every floor has accessible restrooms available.

One gender-neutral restroom is available in this building on the ‘Ohana Floor. An employee badge or escort is required to enter the Ohana Floor.

Sharps disposals and shelves are located on the 11th and 24th floors in the accessible stalls.