Social Media is Massive. The impact is everywhere.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Insights help you understand the social posts that matter most by enhancing those conversations with meaningful insights – everything from sentiment (multi-language), demographics, trends, intent and more. Best of all, we’re always expanding our offerings based on customer needs.

What’s possible with Marketing Cloud Insights?

Enhanced Demographics

Learn more about the authors of social posts to gain insight into who these people are – are they are already part of your target market, or do they represent a new segment? Understand meaningful demographics like age, gender, location, education, and career, enhanced with the analysis of social profiles, social audiences, lifestyle interests and more. What Insights do this? Basic Demographics, PeekAnalytics

In-Depth Sentiment Analysis

Understanding whether an online conversation is positive, negative or neutral is a great starting point, but determining the emotion behind social posts and themes associated with your company could mean hours of manual analysis. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Insights, you quickly gain in-depth sentiment analysis like never before. We offer sentiment analysis for English language posts, as well as non English such as Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. What Insights do this? Bitext, Clarabridge, EpiAnalytics, Lymbix, SelfService Company, Soshio, OpenAmplify, Hottolink.

Understand Intention

Text analytics and semantic technology apply human understanding of language to analyze the relationships between words in social posts, revealing subtleties like your customers’ intentions. Instantly see which posts ask questions, indicate a want or need, suggest a problem, or simply present a breakdown of customer issues or concerns by relevance or by urgency. What Insights do this? Bitext, LeadSift, OpenAmplify, and SelfService Company
Get one-click lists of the most talked about people, places and things – as they happen in real-time. Analyze trends and identify problems before they escalate with reliable detection of customer service issues, and posts that create a dramatic shift in conversations. What Insights do this? Clarabridge, EpiAnalytics, OpenAmplify, OpenCalais

Find Online Influencers

Sophisticated social scoring systems can measure your customers’ ability to drive action online and the topics they sway the most. Determine the number of people being influenced by social content, gauge how much reach and longevity a certain topic has garnered, and understand who has the loudest voices to influence others online. What Insights do this? Klout

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