Munich, Germany - Office Accessibility

Accessibility is fundamental to Salesforce culture. We make our spaces as inclusive as possible, but also know that some of our offices still have some restrictions and limitations.

We want to make sure that visitors, guests and employees are aware of any constraints in our office spaces, as well as highlight some of the accessible provisions that can be expected when visiting us. That way, everyone is empowered to plan their visit and make their time with us easy and enjoyable.

Getting to and from the office

You can travel to the office by Munich Transport Network (MVV) train. From the airport, it takes about 45 minutes, and a train departs every few minutes.

The public transportations in Munich are accessible. If not, you can get help from the public transportations employees. The Mobility Service at Munich Airport helps you on your journey and is free of charge.
Note: The Mobility Service cannot be booked directly. Please inform your travel provider or airline when booking your trip, but no later than 48 hours before departure and indicate your required level of assistance. This will enable them to provide the service to meet your needs. For more information please visit

There are yellow markings on the platform. If you wait here for the S-Bahn, the MVV employee will lay out a ramp for you to get into the S-Bahn.

The easiest way is to take the S8 with direction “Herrsching” or the S1 with direction “München Ost” so you don’t have to change the train. Your final destination is “Hackerbrücke” You need a MVV Ticket/Airport Ticket with four zones to come to the office.

NOTE: In Germany, you need a special token in your disabled person's pass to use the public transportation free. Visit the MMV without Barriers website for more details.

The station “Hackerbrücke” is the most convenient regarding accessibility; it is 700 meters away, it takes nine minutes to get there.

The nearest station is “Donnersberger Brücke” and is 550 meters away, it takes about seven minutes to get there. This stop is also accessible, however, the way out of the station is longer and more complicated.

In the office

All elevators in the building reach all office floors.

One accessible restroom is located on the 10th floor in the social lounge (on the left when entering the social lounge). This bathroom is a single stall.

The washbasin and the mirror are not adjustable in height. The washbasin is lowered for better access and the mirror’s angle can be adjusted.

The accessible restroom on the 10th floor is gender-neutral, located on the left when entering the social lounge.