Former PeopleSoft General Manager to Lead sforce Products Division

Former VP and GM of PeopleSoft PeopleTools, Peter Gassner, leaves behind client/server applications to pioneer client/service computing

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - July 15, 2003 -®, the world leader in delivering software-as-service, today announced the addition of Peter Gassner to the company's executive team as general manager and senior vice president for sforce, the client/service application development platform. A veteran of 15 years in the development community, Gassner was most recently vice president and general manager of PeopleTools for PeopleSoft (NASDAQ: PSFT). Prior to PeopleSoft, Gassner worked on database development and database research for IBM (NYSE: IBM) at the Almaden Research Center. Effective immediately, Gassner assumes primary responsibility for all aspects of the sforce client/service platform, including architecture development, business development and the sforce developer community.

"It is the beginning of the end for traditional enterprise applications," said Gassner. "Growth and innovation in the industry are now focused on the software-as-service model, which is why I was attracted by the opportunity to join, the global leader in this field. Enabling customers, partners and developers to leverage the world-class sforce platform to rapidly build client/service applications brings a whole new dimension to the software industry."

The industry-leading service is built on sforce client/service platform. Through the sforce product offering, the same set of services is now available to any developer who needs to rapidly and inexpensively build and deploy business applications directly over the Internet. Enterprise application developers can use the tools they already know from sforce partners like BEA (NASDAQ: BEAS), Borland, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), and Sun (NASDAQ: SUNW) to extend and quickly build their own software-as-service solutions. Sforce combines the established market for software-as-service represented by 94,000 successful users with the capabilities and skills of five million .NET and Java developers to enable enterprises to quickly release the benefits of client/service computing, available for a monthly per-user fee.

"Peter has the experience, vision and drive to make sforce successful and deliver on the promise of developers deploying business applications directly over the Internet," said Marc Benoiff, chairman and CEO of "His expertise and standing in both the enterprise application and development communities are critical as we establish sforce as the leading technology driver behind client/service computing."

Microsoft, Borland, BEA and Sun demonstrated their commitment to the interoperability of their tools with sforce's client/service environment at the sforce launch June 3, 2003 in New York City. Since then, sforce has grown rapidly as developers use the client/service platform to extend and create on-demand applications without the time, money and administrator resources typically associated with enterprise application development. Already, sforce has attracted over 50 applications in production and hundreds of developers are currently building new applications to run on the sforce platform. Enterprise application developers from these organizations have helped establish a thriving community at, with members contributing sforce-based solutions for platforms and languages not originally supported at launch.

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