Unveils Studio - Full CRM Customization with No Programming Required

Now, for the first time for any enterprise application, business administrators can completely customize or extend their CRM with Custom Tabs to meet specific business and industry requirements

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - April 13, 2004 -®, the global leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services, today announced the immediate availability and deployment of Studio to 9,500 customers and 140,000 subscribers worldwide. Included with Spring '04, Studio is a complete on-demand customization suite that enables the point-and-click creation of Custom Tabs - as well as new applications with associated objects, pages and tabs - to extend CRM to fit any terminology, industry and business environment. With Studio, the business administrator now has full access to customization capabilities traditionally reserved for highly specialized programmers working with packaged applications.

" Studio provides even better customization than packaged enterprise applications," said Cliff Bell, CIO of Phoenix Technologies, a customer. "lt allows us flexible and easy creation for Custom Tabs, tables and relationships to meet the exact needs of our sales team and others who rely on this information to meet their strategic goals. And they can customize without programming or proprietary tools. That's a quantum leap ahead of competitive applications."

"As a healthcare provider, we needed our own tab names to match the unique terminology for our industry," adds customer Martin Howard, CIO and senior vice president, Patient Care. "Now with Studio, we're able to easily customize our tab names to match the way we do business, not the other way around." Studio extends the existing customization capabilities of, while retaining the power, speed and ease that characterize administration of the market-leading CRM service. All projects are completed with point-and-click simplicity through the same familiar interface as administration. Through the Object Builder, Tab Wizard and Drag-and-Drop Form Wizard, the business administrator can customize and extend to match any business requirements - in real time and without having to write a single line of code.

In addition to the ability to add fields, change layouts, create custom tailored business rules and rename standard tabs, Studio allows the business user to:

» Create Custom Tabs: With new Custom Tabs, business administrators not only can rename standard tabs, but even create completely new modules with associated objects, pages, and tabs to fit their company's terminology, industry and business environments. Custom Tabs look and behave just like the standard tabs provided within and can have their own color, security and display properties.

» Create custom objects: Custom Tabs are associated with custom objects. Administrators can define custom objects to complement's standard objects such as accounts, campaigns, opportunities and cases. For example, an administrator can create a new custom object labeled "Expenses" to track expense data. Custom fields can be added to custom objects in the same fashion as they are added to's standard objects.

» Define object relationships: Administrators can define relationships between different custom objects and/or between standard and custom objects. For example, an expense custom object can have a relationship to the opportunity standard object in This will automatically create a related list for expenses on the opportunity page. The object relationships in are similar to the "Foreign Key" concept in database terminology.

» Design custom forms:'s drag-and-drop form wizard allows administrators to design the display for custom tab pages. Administrators can configure page sections, fields, Web integration links and related lists on the Custom Tab pages.

» Reporting on custom objects: will automatically support reporting on all custom objects through the reporting engine. A new report type will be dynamically created for each custom object. In addition, administrators can add custom object data to dashboards, allowing the integration of metrics on both standard and custom objects in one corporate scorecard.

» Create custom CRM solutions: With Custom Tabs, fields, relationships and forms, administrators can completely modify and extend to meet the most specific vertical requirements. Whether for retail, healthcare, manufacturing or professional services, administrators have the power and flexibility to design a CRM solution that is an exact match for business needs - a first for any enterprise application.

» "With Studio, has ushered in a new era of CRM customization while remaining as easy to use as ever," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, "A recent Gartner Group study showed that is implemented in half the time and half the resources of traditional CRM solutions. That's why 9,500 companies have found success with, the new leader in CRM."

The debut of Studio accompanies today's concurrent introductions of Spring '04 and sforce 3.0. The fifteenth generation of, Spring '04 breaks new ground in empowering organizations to adapt CRM to precisely fit their specific, unique business and industry needs. The on-demand platform that powers Spring '04 and Studio, sforce 3.0 offers developers complete programmatic control over CRM customization, integration, and extension. For more information on today's product announcements, please see separate releases at

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