Delivers On The Dream Of On-Demand Computing With Winter '05 Release

New Customforce toolkit and sforce 5.0 client/service integration platform usher in a new era of managing and sharing information on-demand

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — November 2, 2004 — (NYSE: CRM), the market and technology leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), today announced Winter '05, the 17th generation of its award-winning service. The Winter '05 product line includes Winter '05, Supportforce Winter '05, sforce 5.0 and the new on-demand customization toolkit, Customforce. Together, these four products represent the new standard for building and delivering on-demand applications.

With the introduction of Winter '05, will provide the world-class applications, customization toolkit and integration platform that enable enterprises to run their entire applications infrastructure using an on-demand strategy. Companies will be able to build new on-demand applications for critical business processes, such as finance, IT, and human resources, which are as reliable and powerful as is for CRM.

"With Winter '05, we are able to provide our engineering and product development organizations the same type of on-demand benefits our sales and support organizations currently enjoy," said David Brooks, director of CRM of Magma Design Automation, a user of for almost two years. "Our entire product lifecycle, from bug tracking and release management to software delivery, now runs as an on-demand application built with Customforce."

Announced at Dreamforce,'s second annual user and developer conference, Winter '05 will be available to all 12,000 customers and 185,000 paying subscribers worldwide on November 15, 2004.'s unique on-demand model immediately delivers all the benefits of Winter '05 to the entire customer base, at no extra cost, while preserving the integrity of existing customization and integration for every customer. Winter '05 is available in Personal, Team, Professional and Enterprise Editions, allowing customers to choose the best product for their size of implementation and enterprise.

Winter '05: Complete Product Line — Applications, Toolkit and Platform — on-demand CRM Winter '05 represents the latest innovations in state-of-the-art on-demand CRM. Highlights include:

  • Installed Products: New Installed Products features allow sales representatives to capture specific information on products and services, including competitive products, that were previously purchased or installed by customers. This helps sales representatives better plan for renewal and up-sell opportunities as well as better serve customers.
  • Historical Snapshots and Trends: New analytics enhancements allow sales managers to view historical pipeline data and trends. Executives will be able to view data of various past points in time for a rich history on key objects like cases and opportunities.
  • Multi-Departmental Administration: New functionality will allow administrators to delegate some of their responsibilities without compromising their control over their company's data. Administrators can now delegate the ability to manage users and develop and administer custom objects and tabs.
  • VLO Architecture: Continued enhancements in's Enterprise VLO architecture allow enterprises to maintain on-demand performance and reliability for large organizations on multi-tenant, shared systems.

Supportforce — on-demand customer service
Supportforce is the on-demand customer service tool from, launched in September with the support of the industry's leading contact center infrastructure providers including Avaya (NYSE: AV), Cisco Systems, Alcatel (NYSE: ALA, Paris: CGEP.PA), Aspect Communications (NASDAQ: ASPT) and Genesys (an Alcatel company). Supportforce Winter '05 updates include:

  • Solution Categories: Significantly improves customer support representatives' ability to manage solutions by providing users and customers with a powerful and easy way to browse through the knowledge base for faster access to the desired solution and a higher level of service quality.
  • Solution Workflow: Automates solution-authoring and review processes by enabling workflow on solutions to enable support representatives, managers, and knowledge management experts to follow a consistent process for the creation, review, approval, and management of the solutions in the knowledge base.
  • Case Management: Winter '05 includes enhancements to notifications and alerts, reporting, and customization and administrative features so that cases are handled with maximum efficiency.
  • Self-Service Portal: Innovations to the public knowledge base and self-service portal put solutions at customers' fingertips to increase satisfaction and keep costs low.

Customforce — on-demand customization toolkit
It addition to enhancing the company's flagship CRM applications, with Winter '05, adds the capability for enterprises to extend the value of on-demand beyond sales, marketing and service to new aspects of their business. With the new Customforce, companies can customize their CRM or service solutions to meet their unique requirements, and extend those applications to manage additional business processes, including those in IT, human resources and engineering. And through Customforce's unique setup and configuration model, all of those customizations and extensions can be built on-demand, without any programming.

Available to customers of and Supportforce at no additional cost, Customforce represents an advance in the state-of-the-art for on-demand computing, allowing enterprises to get all the benefits of the utility model while meeting or exceeding the customization capabilities of traditional software. Customizations that can take weeks or months with traditional enterprise software can now be done in minutes, allowing and Supportforce to evolve seamlessly with other business applications. And with Customforce, customizations remain intact through's seasonal product releases, and available via the sforce Web service API for advanced integration.

Sforce — on-demand integration platform
Now in its fifth generation, sforce 5.0 continues to enhance the Web services and integration capabilities that enterprises need to ensure their on-demand CRM systems fit in and stand out with the rest of their enterprise architecture. Sforce 5.0 features several new capabilities, including a new lead management API, and new Meta data features designed to assist developers creating applications for mobile devices. Sforce continues to enjoy support from leading development tool companies, including the recently updated sforce Toolkit for IBM WebSphere, and within the open source community, where sforce-based projects are increasingly taking shape.

Sforce 5.0 also continues support for the recently announced sforce Telephony API (STAPI), designed to let customers and partners integrate and Supportforce with leading communications platforms, including those from Cisco, Genesys, Avaya, Alcatel and Aspect. STAPI combines two of the most important trends in information technology — Web services and Voice over IP — to allow companies to build on-demand systems that include all of the traditional call center features, including screen pops, outbound calling and rules-based call routing. The STAPI toolkit is available for immediate download at no charge at STAPI users join the growing sforce community, which now includes more than 3,000 developers, 750 enterprises and 100 ISVs who customize, integrate and extend through sforce in order to create custom CRM solutions.

"With Winter '05 we've reached a tipping point for on-demand," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of "The combination of our world-class on-demand applications, toolkit and platform, creates unlimited possibilities. Now, any application can be built and customized on demand."

" is one of the world's fastest growing public software company and a pioneer of on demand computing," said Sheryl Kingstone of The Yankee Group. "With the rapid evolution of on-demand architectures, customers can now go to the next level of building and deploying their own customized on-demand applications without programming."

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