Stratus Technologies Deploys Customized across Five Continents, Six Languages and 13 Currencies

Full integration with Oracle completed in just six weeks using Sforce integration platform; customization and Web service integration capabilities utilized to tailor CRM service

SAN FRANCISCO — April 12, 2005 — [NYSE: CRM], the technology and market leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), today announced that Stratus Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of the world's most reliable server solutions, has standardized worldwide on the award-winning Salesforce service.

Stratus is one of the 13,900 companies of all sizes that comprised the customer base as of Jan. 31, 2005.

Stratus delivers continuously available platforms with unmatched operational simplicity, providing a compelling financial advantage to their customers. Stratus servers deliver five nines (99.999 percent) and greater uptime. Stratus Continuous Processing technology protects many of the world's most critical business operations in industries such as financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and public safety, to name a few.

"I was extremely pleased by the speed and ease with which Salesforce was rolled out to our 170 users," said Greg Enriquez, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Stratus. "We experienced high user adoption of Salesforce within the first week of going live. By the second week, some of our users were exploring the flexibility of the service, developing their own custom reports and importing contacts."

Stratus successfully deployed Salesforce across five continents, in six languages and 13 currencies, in less than six weeks. The deployment included full integration with an Oracle back-end system using Sforce, one of the most widely used and broadly supported client/service integration platforms.

"Salesforce has enhanced the company's weekly forecast reviews with strategic executive sessions centered on Salesforce dashboards," Enriquez said. "We are able to better respond to our customer needs with real time sales information and opportunity status. This information is tightly interlocked with Stratus' manufacturing planning function to ensure that our plants and outside vendors are coordinated. Now, we can see where we are second by second. Salesforce puts us ahead of the game, right where we need to be."

In the mid-1990s, Stratus created a homegrown system to track sales activities. When the requirements for additional functionality and customization grew within the sales team, Joe Graves, Stratus' director of corporate IS applications, began the search for a new CRM tool.

"Salesforce was selected because it delivers rapid global deployment with strong support for multiple languages and currencies, in an anytime, anywhere environment. The customization capabilities and powerful Web services integration were factors as well, because they enabled us to tailor the service to our needs," Graves said. "In addition, Sforce helped us replace the pain of software integration with the ease of Web services. We were able to recreate the seamless back-end integration of our previous homegrown CRM system within weeks, with minimal IT and company resources."

With, Stratus is leveraging the benefits of a 17th generation CRM solution, as well as new innovations, including the tool for rapid, easy customization.

With Customforce, provides every company the power to be unique. Representing a major breakthrough beyond cookie-cutter vertical solutions, Customforce enables ordinary business users to easily customize their CRM and create new on-demand applications through a simple point-and-click interface. Built into Salesforce and Supportforce, Customforce enables 13,900 companies to leverage the simplicity, power, and success of on demand to create 13,900 unique CRM editions. Customforce makes Salesforce the world's most customizable CRM.

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Stratus Technologies is a global provider of fault-tolerant computer servers, technologies and services, with more than 20 years of experience focused in the fault-tolerant server market. Stratus® servers provide high levels of reliability relative to the server industry, delivering 99.999% uptime or better. Stratus servers and support services are used by customers for their critical computer-based operations that are required to be continuously available for the proper functioning of their businesses.

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