CRM Empowers InterCall to Shorten Sales Cycle

Conference communications leader gains complete visibility into national and channel sales; implementation of Salesforce allows sales team to efficiently target prospects

SAN FRANCISCO — May 03, 2005 — [NYSE: CRM], the technology and market leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), today announced that InterCall has improved access to customer data for its sales employees using Salesforce. InterCall has also been able to both speed up and increase communications between its inside and outside sales force, enabling the two groups to work from one consistent set of information.

InterCall is the largest service provider in the world specializing in conference communications. The company serves more than 120,000 individual conference leaders in more than 30,000 organizations. In addition to a strong presence in the United States, including more than 25 domestic sales offices, InterCall's reach extends to several sales offices and operations facilities around the world. With Salesforce, InterCall is leveraging the benefits of a 17th-generation CRM solution, as well as new innovations, including the Customforce tool for rapid, easy customization.

InterCall is one of the 13,900 companies of all sizes, industries and geographies that comprised the customer base as of Jan. 31, 2005.

"Before implementing Salesforce, we managed our customer records with spreadsheets or hard-copy documents," said Joel Dubinsky, project manager, InterCall. "When someone left the company, it was very difficult to figure out where our sales pipeline was and what communications had taken place with our customers. Now that Salesforce is in place, we don't have to spend a lot of time ramping up new people — they can see the status of their accounts at a glance."

InterCall has also created customized views of the sales pipeline for different users, including managers, general managers, and vice presidents. Users can access customized fields that allow them to view information in several ways, such as the number of meetings scheduled with customers, or how much each customer has spent with InterCall.

With Customforce, Salesforce provides every company the power to be unique. Representing a major breakthrough beyond cookie-cutter vertical solutions, Customforce enables ordinary business users to easily customize their CRM and create new on-demand applications through a simple point-and-click interface. Built into Salesforce and Supportforce, Customforce enables 13,900 companies to leverage the simplicity, power, and success of on demand to create 13,900 unique CRM editions. Customforce makes Salesforce the world's most customizable CRM.

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