Redefines Enterprise Application Customization with Customforce 2.0

Customforce 2.0 Delivers the World's Most Customizable On-Demand CRM with Industry-Leading Custom Analytics, Business Processes and Forecasting

NEW YORK CITY — May 24, 2005 — [NYSE: CRM], the technology and market leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), today announced Customforce 2.0, the world's most powerful on-demand CRM customization toolkit, at Customforce Day, a launch event attended by customers and partners. Customforce 2.0 will enable every user in an enterprise company to easily create tailored analytics, business processes, and forecasting functionality that precisely match their unique business requirements without the need for programming resources. Customforce 2.0 is expected to be available in June as part of's Summer '05 release of Salesforce and Supportforce.

Customforce 2.0 provides comprehensive support for all customizations made with Customforce 1.0. The millions of customizations customers made with Customforce 1.0 are all automatically included in release 2.0 with absolutely no maintenance or programming required. With Customforce 2.0, the traditional era of programming and maintaining code for customizations during upgrade cycles is over.

A key new feature is Customforce Business Processes, a packaged set of 100 business functions that can be used anywhere in the application. Customforce Business Processes embed business logic and calculations, and include functions such as lead scoring, case aging, and commission calculations, just to name a few. With these features, users can embed packaged business logic in any field of the application to quickly gain insight.

Customforce 2.0 builds on the extraordinary success and popularity of Customforce 1.0 that enables users to customize workflow, controls, fields, tabs, and objects with unprecedented ease and speed. Customforce 2.0 combines those features with a brand new set of rich business functionality, including:

  • Customforce Analytics—Gain comprehensive visibility through real time analysis of business data that incorporates visual highlighting and custom calculations in reports and dashboards.
  • Customforce Formulas—Create customized business formulas for immediate, accurate decisions. Spreadsheet-style formulas and calculations can be applied to any field in the application.
  • Customforce Business Processes—Boost productivity and visibility by leveraging more than 100 pre-built processes such as lead scoring, discounting, quota attainment, round robin lead/case assignment, price totals, case aging, and auto-dialing.
  • Customforce Forecasting—Design confident and accurate business forecasts by product line or opportunity for different time periods.
  • Customforce Standard Related Lists—Customize any related list to show relevant data for accounts, contacts, opportunities, and cases.
"Customforce 2.0 raises the customization bar far above anything previously offered by any other CRM company," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of "Customforce 2.0 enables's 15,500 customers to create CRM that's as unique as their businesses. With unmatched flexibility, power, and ease-of-use, Customforce 2.0 signals a quantum leap forward for CRM customization. Gone are the days of grappling with complex and cumbersome technology and overburdened IT departments. Customforce 2.0 puts the power of 'do it yourself' customization in the hands of each and every user."

"Customforce 2.0 has extremely powerful customization capabilities," said Stuart Robertson, senior director of marketing of Expedia® Corporate Travel. "Our business moves quickly and the point-and-click Customforce 2.0 tool allows us to modify Salesforce to keep pace with our evolving processes."

"Customforce 2.0 eliminates the time, pain, and expense involved in customizing and implementing typical CRM solutions," said Joseph Graves, CIO of Stratus Technologies. "With Customforce 2.0, all we have to do is point-and-click to configure and customize fields and reports. It couldn't possibly be easier."

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