Unveils AppExchange, a Revolutionary New Sharing Service for On-Demand Applications

A major milestone in fulfilling's vision of managing and sharing all enterprise information on demand

AppExchange enables customers to choose from a wide variety of applications from partners, individual developers, and fellow Salesforce users

AppExchange debuts previewing 70 new on-demand applications

San Francisco, Calif. — Sept. 12, 2005 — (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), today announced the AppExchange, the world's first on-demand application sharing service at Dreamforce '05,'s third annual user and developer conference.

AppExchange launches customers into a new era of freedom, innovation, and choice. With AppExchange, customers will have access to new applications that potentially bring the benefits of to an entire business, letting them manage and share all of a company's information on demand. Using AppExchange, companies will be able to easily add new applications to their existing Salesforce deployments, extending their success and making the full power and creativity of the customer and partner community available with just a click.

Initial applications will not only dramatically extend's on-demand CRM application portfolio but will also include diverse new areas, such as finance, electronic signatures, document management, project management, credit and collections, mobile workforce management, data cleansing, professional services management, human resources and many, many others.

The AppExchange, and its 70 new launch applications, are available for preview immediately. Customers can install applications starting with the release of Winter '06, currently expected in the fourth quarter. There is no charge for trying applications or using the AppExchange. Applications from partners will typically require a fee; those authored by are offered free of charge. does not take a commission on the sale of applications from partners.

"AppExchange is nothing less than a revolution in how applications are developed, distributed and deployed. With AppExchange, our customers will be able to build on the success they've experienced with our CRM applications to manage and share all their information on demand," said Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO of "We expect that the breadth of products on AppExchange will be limited only by the imagination of our amazing community of success."

In his keynote address, Benioff explained that just as iTunes unleashed the potential of the iPod by offering a diverse universe of music, believes that the AppExchange will do the same for Salesforce users by creating a unique forum for sharing an expanding array of on-demand enterprise applications between all members of the Salesforce community; customers, partners, ISVs and developers globally.

With the Salesforce Summer '05 release greatly expanded the breadth of its platform capabilities, providing a complete and comprehensive environment for application customization, development, integration and deployment. These innovations enabled customers to not only customize their existing applications to their unique requirements, but also build whole new applications from scratch to meet practically all their business needs on demand. Appforce. The Salesforce platform, includes Appforce Builder (formerly Customforce), Appforce DB, Appforce API (both formerly part of Sforce), Appforce Integration and Appforce OS (formerly Multiforce). The AppExchange will extend the capabilities of the Appforce platform enabling's community to share, exchange and sell their Appforce-built applications on the AppExchange. Customers, partners and ISVs are already using Appforce to develop the next generation of on-demand applications. For a complete list of applications and partners, please see

"With AppExchange, has cracked the code of what we call application syndication—an efficient way to create and distribute a wide array of on-demand applications," said Sheryl Kingstone of The Yankee Group. "No other vendor comes close to matching this vision."

A revolution for customers: An expanding universe of on-demand apps Visitors to the can browse available applications by category. Each application is accompanied by a description, and a community-based ratings system similar to those used by popular online merchants. Users can then immediately "test drive" each application, without downloads and without impacting their current deployments.

"Get It Now" will then make that application instantly available to all subscribers within that customer's account. Once installed, Appforce applications will sit alongside their existing on-demand applications, and may be further customized to meet customers' unique business needs. More than 70 applications are immediately available for preview in the AppExchange.

"AppExchange is going to exponentially increase our ability to share best practices," said Kelli Ritschel-Boehle of Kerry Ingredients. "AppExchange is really unlocking the true potential of the Internet by allowing companies to install and deploy an incredible breadth and depth of business-critical applications. AppExchange is going to change the entire paradigm of how software is developed and deployed."

A revolution for Partners, Developers and ISVs: Changing the economics for application development As the world's leading on-demand application sharing service, AppExchange provides a complete environment that enables developers anywhere in the world to publish, market, and distribute their products to a global audience and instantly engage with's 308,000 subscribers. Applications built for the Appforce platform can run entirely on demand, eliminating the need for developers or partners to create and manage their own data center or infrastructure. Partners benefit from's world-class security, scalability and reliability for their solution through a delivered service.

Together, Appforce and AppExchange change the economics of application development and deployment. With none of the expensive toolkits, hardware, IT environments or training associated with traditional application development, technologies are democratizing the definition of who can be a developer. Appforce represents a comprehensive suite of development and deployment technologies all available to partners on demand, through their browser. Independent software vendors can jump-start their entry into on-demand computing without risking the initial investment. expects that developers and business experts around the world will be able to contribute applications to the AppExchange and take advantage of the most compelling community of success in on-demand computing.

"Appforce is a very powerful platform," said Eric Melka, CEO of GOT Corporation. "It allowed us to deliver Cforce, GOT's email communication tool for Salesforce, in a matter of days, limiting development effort and allowing us to quickly make Cforce available to users."

"AppExchange is a major step in the displacement of traditional enterprise applications," said Bruce Richardson of AMR Research. "AppExchange ends the drought of innovation in the enterprise. And with the potential to exponentially increase the number and variety of on-demand applications, it's really the fulfillment of 'no desktop left behind.'"

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