Momentum Builds for as New Customer Standard for Application Development and Deployment

Electronic Arts, Japan Post and The Schumacher Group among customers using as trusted platform for building and delivering on-demand applications delivers the application development power of .NET or J2EE - without software infrastructure platform surpasses 44,000 custom applications and 187,000 custom objects demonstrating the widespread adoption of platform-as-a-service

SAN FRANCISCO - Dreamforce Conference - September 17, 2007 - [NYSE: CRM], the market and technology leader in on-demand business services, today announced the incredible momentum of the on-demand platform as customers of all sizes adopt platform-as-a-service to build and deploy business applications. gives customers the ability to build and run applications that extend the power of on-demand to users beyond CRM in departments such as human resources, IT, legal, finance, R&D, and more throughout the enterprise. ASCAP, Borland, Bronx Lab School, Electronic Arts, HumanConcepts, Japan Post, Jobscience, The Schumacher Group and Vicon are among the customers of all sizes that are already using the on-demand platform for application development - with no software and hardware infrastructure requirements.

"Our vision has been to enable customers to manage and share all of their business information on-demand," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO. " is enabling our customers to build and deliver any application on demand, and we are thrilled to see the innovations that our customers are creating with our Platform-as-a-Service."

" has empowered Electronic Arts to build an entirely new set of applications for global talent acquisition," said Jeff Hunter, Sr. Director of Global Talent Strategies, Electronic Arts. "The simplicity and flexibility of allowed us to create and deliver a total of 10 applications spanning university recruiting to social network sourcing - all without the traditional expense and hassles of custom app development. I can't imagine that another platform could have delivered this same confluence of benefits to help us realize our goal."

"The platform provides us with the fastest path from idea to application, without infrastructure and development delays," said John Johnson, AVP Licensing, ASCAP. "No longer do we worry about upgrades, new releases, and compatibility. We have the freedom to innovate and solve business problems on-demand."

"The platform gives us all the application development power of .NET or J2EE but with no software infrastructure to worry about," said Ted Elliot, CEO, Jobscience. "We've been able to build and deliver talent management apps with less development time thanks to"

"The platform empowers small organizations that lack IT resources to nimbly implement world class business applications," said Jason Hunter, Manager of Support and Services, Vicon. "The platform has brought many of our business processes out of the dark ages and into the enlightened reality of on demand.  It's a true renaissance in business software."

The Platform: Create and Run Any Application On-Demand Platform-as-a-Service provides the building blocks necessary to build any kind of business app, simple or sophisticated - and automatically deploy them as a service to small teams or entire enterprises. The platform gives customers the power to run multiple applications within the same Salesforce instance, allowing all of a company's Salesforce applications to share a common security model, data model, and user interface. The multi-tenant platform encompasses a complete feature set for the creation of business applications such as an on-demand operating system, the ability to create any database on demand, a workflow engine for managing collaboration between users, the Apex code programming language for building complex logic, the Web Services API for programmatic access, mash-ups, and integration with other applications and data, and now Visualforce for a framework to build any user interface. features include: 
  • Database: Provides the ability to create any Database-as-a-Service, including the description of a sharing model for fine-grain data security control and built-in data history tracking for regulatory compliance.
  • Builder: Meta-data-driven application development model that allows applications to be defined as declarative "blue prints," with no code required.
  • Apex Code: Apex code extends the platform by introducing the ability to write code that runs on servers. This language makes possible the development of a new class of applications and features deployed entirely on demand.
  • Analytics: includes the same powerful analytic functionality found in Salesforce CRM applications. This allows users to incorporate popular dashboards and analytics from Salesforce directly into their applications, including highly interactive visualizations of customer data and the ability to link dashboards together.
  • Web Services API: The Web services API is one of the world's most widely used enterprise Web services, handling more than fifty percent of's 5.4 billion service transactions in's last quarter. The API makes it possible to access and manage complex data relationships - such as a set of information about an account, all the products they have bought, and all of their contacts - in a single request.
  • Performance and scalability: Any application built and run on the platform benefits from the scalability, reliability and availability of's industry-leading service. Platform and the AppExchange reinvents the traditional development, deployment and distribution of any business application with Platform-as-a-Service. Developers, customers and partners can use to easily create a new generation of on-demand applications and deploy them worldwide as a service. allows applications to be easily shared, exchanged and installed with a few simple clicks via's AppExchange marketplace, enabling all the innovation that unleashes to be easily distributed to the entire on-demand community.
The AppExchange economy continues to expand, with thousands of customers installing thousands of applications via the AppExchange.  Customers of all sizes can quickly and easily extend Salesforce with additional on-demand business applications available on the AppExchange, found at

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