More than 250 Companies Successfully Integrate the Platform with Scribe Insight, Increasing Efficiency and Improving Customer Service

Scribe and shatter the barriers to real-time integrated CRM for companies like Intrep Auto Club Renewals and Karl Strauss Brewing Company

SAN FRANCISCO and Bedford, NH., - October 18, 2007 - Scribe Software, a provider of configurable data integration and migration software for leading enterprise business applications, and [NYSE: CRM], the market and technology leader in on-demand business services, today announced that more than 250 companies have successfully used Scribe Insight solutions to realize the benefits of integrating the platform and Salesforce CRM applications with other mission critical applications in their enterprises. Scribe and have enabled these companies to integrate Salesforce with over 150 different enterprise applications and data sources to date. 

The ability to integrate CRM with other mission critical applications within a business offers companies unprecedented capabilities for sharing customer data and taking action on critical business events. "Traditionally, integrating CRM applications with a company's existing business applications and processes involved months of detailed technical effort and financial investments" explains Peter Chase, EVP and Founder, Scribe Software Corp.  "The result was only the largest companies, with the deepest pockets, could realize the benefits of real-time integrated CRM."  Now, with Scribe's point-and-click configurable integration technology, companies of all sizes are seamlessly integrating the platform and on-demand applications from with their back office and other mission critical business systems. 

"Integrating Salesforce CRM applications with other business critical applications is one of the most popular categories on the AppExchange," said Clarence So, senior vice president of marketing, "We are delighted to see Scribe's integration solutions experience so much success in enabling our customers to share information across all areas of their business."
Karl Strauss Brewing Company has integrated Salesforce with their Microsoft Dynamics GP application to provide their sales team with real-time order processing.  By leveraging Salesforce Mobile, sales reps can now place orders while at the customer's location and confirm the shipping details within minutes.  Karl Strauss competes against large, national, established brands and this capability has allowed them to differentiate themselves through superior customer service. "With Scribe Insight, we were able to achieve efficiencies that were previously reserved for the giants in our industry.  We have been able to turn a competitive weakness into a significant strength," states John Snead, Director of Beer Operations, Karl Strauss Brewing Company.

Intrep Auto Club Renewals provides outsourced telemarketing services to AAA clubs throughout the U.S.  They are using Scribe Insight to integrate AAA's internal membership systems with Salesforce to ensure that their sales team has real-time visibility into the status of members targeted for renewal.  This visibility has enabled Intrep Auto Club Renewals' sales team to sell more efficiently and increase customer service, resulting in a 15% increase in membership renewals.    "One of the great things about Scribe Insight is how flexible and adaptable it is to handle our unique business needs," observes Jack Sands, CEO of Intrep Auto Club Renewals.  "We've been able to enhance the basic integration with features that add directly to the quality and success of our service, without adding cost to our business."

Scribe has four integration solutions on the AppExchange to help customers integrate the platform and Salesforce CRM application into their environments, including ActNow, Scribe Insight, Scribe Integration for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Scribe Integration for ERP. Platform and the AppExchange reinvents the traditional development, deployment and distribution of any business application with platform-as-a-service. Developers, customers and partners can use to easily create a new generation of on-demand applications and deploy them worldwide as a service. allows applications to be easily shared, exchanged and installed with a few simple clicks via's AppExchange marketplace, enabling all the innovation that unleashes to be easily distributed to the entire on-demand community.
The AppExchange economy continues to expand, with thousands of customers installing thousands of applications via the AppExchange.  Customers of all sizes can quickly and easily extend Salesforce with additional on-demand business applications available on the AppExchange, found at

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