Introduces Sites, Dramatically Expanding's Role in Cloud Computing for the Enterprise

Bringing the power of to every Web application and Web site Sites will enable customers to run their Web sites in's cloud

Easily publish data and applications to any Web site - reaching new users and communities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - November 3, 2008 - [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing company, today unveiled Sites, a new capability of the platform that will allow customers to run their Web sites in's cloud. Sites will give customers the power to publish data and applications to any Web site, extending their reach to new users on intranets, external Web sites, and online communities. Like all services, Sites runs entirely in the cloud without the cost and complexity of traditional software. Sites is now available in developer preview at

"With Sites, customers can run their Web sites in our cloud," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, " Sites will enable a dramatic expansion of's role in cloud computing for the enterprise. We expect our community to unleash entirely new kinds of applications and innovations that will truly drive our vision of 'The End of Software.'"

"Running our business on has been night and day compared with our previous client/server infrastructure," said Michael Wolverton, CEO, Cathedral Partners, a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of privately held companies.  "Our business revolves around our interactive Web application, a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. With Sites we were able to get our marketplace up and running in a matter of weeks instead of the months it had taken with our previous architecture."

" Sites changes the entire paradigm for building applications," said Narinder Singh, Founder and Head of Technology and Marketing, Appirio.  "Companies no longer have to consider separate architectures and approaches depending on where the users are. Running Web sites in's cloud removes cost and complexity and allows companies to extend existing applications beyond their own four walls." Sites: Run Your Site on's Cloud provides a comprehensive platform for building and running business applications in the cloud.

The platform provides the necessary building blocks to quickly build and run business applications including database, workflow, logic, integration, customization, and user interface capabilities. also enables data and applications to be easily extended to mobile devices. does this without requiring customers to manage and maintain additional client/server infrastructure. Sites now extends those capabilities to allow companies to share business data and applications on to external users and Web sites. Sites reduces the cost and complexity of managing Web infrastructure, and enables companies to be more responsive and interactive with their users and communities.
Web sites and Web applications run using Sites gain all the benefits of the proven security, reliability and scalability of's trusted global infrastructure. Publishing business data and applications to the Web using Sites requires only a few steps to get up and running:
  • Build an application on, using its sharing models and security rules to define what data and information to make public
  • Use Visualforce to build the Web site's external, public facing pages
  • Register a domain name
  • Publish and run the site on's global trusted infrastructure Sites: Publish Any Data, Any Application to Any Web Site Sites will unleash a new wave of business applications that extend beyond the walls of the enterprise. With Sites, customers can now take the more than 85,000 custom applications they have built on the platform and extend them to their external communities and users. Customers can use Sites to:
  • Build and run new Web applications with Sites. Customers can build public facing Web sites, such as consumer reviews, hotel concierge services or event registration sites that are tightly integrated with an internal business application running on
  • Transform business applications into Web sites by sharing a view of an application on a public Web site. For example, Sites provides the capability to extend a recruiting application to power a public-facing job portal. Sites can be used to quickly and easily add, update and delete new job listings, directly from a recruiting application. Visitors to a Sites-powered job listing site can interact directly with information in a recruiting application that has been shared externally.
  • Extend the Salesforce CRM applications through the creation of interactive Web-to-lead forms, enabling site visitors to signal interest in products and services via a Web site. Sites also enables the quick and easy creation of campaign landing pages integrated directly with Salesforce CRM.
Innovation in the Cloud from Sites Early Adopters
Through an early adopter program, several customers and partners were able to use Sites to build prototype applications on Some of the participants in the early adopter program included:
  • Astadia, one of's largest global system integrators, built an application that allows organizations to deploy a full-lifecycle recruiting application on their website in less than a day.
  • Appirio, a leading partner of and Google Enterprise, created four sites:
    • An online market place for Cathedral Partners to match private businesses and investors or buyers.
    • Jobs4MyFriends, a new Facebook application that extends a company's ability to use employee networks to reduce the cost and increase the quality of their recruiting and hiring.
    • A Web application for a global entertainment company that allows its hosts to manage interactions with their most frequent visitors.  Hosts can control what events are offered, dynamically create personalized messages and offers for visitors, and allow patrons to request trips. 
    • A Web recruiting application for ThomasNet, a leading online destination connecting industrial suppliers and buyers worldwide.
  • Bluewolf, a leading software-as-a-service consulting firm and partner, built a community networking web portal for the healthcare industry that enables customer reviews, mash up of dentist locations, information on what services they provide and more.
  • Jobscience, a provider of Human Capital Management applications on the platform, built a "new employee" on-boarding system for Washington Regional Healthcare, a hospital client that hires hundreds of new employees each year.
  • Model Metrics, a premier consulting partner of and application developer on the platform, created CardLasso, an application that enables users to capture images of business cards from a mobile device camera and transcribes the information into data files in multiple formats, including lead records in Salesforce CRM.
  • Sofia Works, a leading provider of technology applications, built an on-demand Boat Marina reservations system for Marina VIP, a team of entrepreneurs with a vision to bring on-line booking to the boating world.
Pricing and Availability Sites developer preview pricing is based on monthly page views:

Group Edition                includes up to 50,000 monthly page views
Professional Edition    includes up to 250,000 monthly page views
Enterprise Edition        includes up to 500,000 monthly page views
Unlimited Edition            includes up to 1,000,000 monthly page views

Additional monthly page views are available for order:
  • $1,000/month for up to 1,000,000 additional monthly page views (regardless of Edition)
  • $3,000/month for up to 5,000,000 additional monthly page views (regardless of Edition) Sites is available today in developer preview. Please visit to register.  It is currently scheduled to become generally available in calendar year 2009.  Customers who purchase applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

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