Delivers New for Google App Engine, Giving Developers New Capabilities for Application Development in Cloud Computing for Google App Engine connects two of the most popular cloud computing platforms

Developers can use new set of tools and services to bring together capabilities with Java language support and other enhancements in App Engine


SAN FRANCISCO, May 27, 2009 --, [NYSE: CRM] the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced a new version of for Google App Engine. for Google App Engine provides developers a set of tools and services to bring together two of the world's leading cloud computing platforms for application development. Developers can use the new offering to take advantage of the addition of Java language support in Google App Engine in their application development projects on  

"Developers can harness Google and's real-time cloud computing infrastructures to build and run their applications," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, "Building on our work with Google, developers can now take advantage of increasingly powerful cloud computing capabilities in and App Engine resulting in better applications for consumers and the enterprise."

"We're very excited by the reception the App Engine for Java preview has received in the developer community," said Scott McMullan, Google Apps Partner Lead for Google Enterprise. "Bringing together and the new enhancements to App Engine will further extend the power and capability of application development in the cloud for developers worldwide."

"We're excited about the possibilities of bringing together and App Engine with Java," said Jeff Douglas, Senior Platform Developer, Informa Plc. "We are prototyping a number of customer-facing applications to replace paper-based processes. Cloud computing gives us the capability to quickly prototype, build and deliver applications for our customers." for Google App Engine - Connecting the Clouds for Google App Engine provides developers a set of tools and services to build new kinds of Web and business applications entirely in the cloud. Instead of having to manage and maintain their own on-premise infrastructure, developers can use real-time cloud computing infrastructure from Google and to develop and deploy new applications on the Web. for App Engine will accelerate the success developers have had with App Engine in building Web applications, and makes it easy for them to integrate their App Engine apps to enterprise data stored in

With for App Engine, Web applications built on App Engine can leverage enterprise data stored in The new for Google App Engine gives developers:

  • Java libraries designed to run on Google App Engine, allowing App Engine apps to read and write to using the SOAP API
  • A means to leverage Java in the scalable App Engine cloud environment and interact directly with the native database, workflow and logic capabilities in 
  • App Engine developers gain easy access to services and capabilities including mobile, analytics, security and sharing models, user authentication, multi-language and currency support and more.

Additionally, for Google App Engine includes:

  • An open source SOAP Web Service client that provides transportation and object level access from Google App Engine applications directly into the platform. The Web Service client can also be used with other WSDLs and is available at both and
  • Complete Java docs for the Web Service client, including Java source code
  • Complete Java docs for the partner SOAP library, including Java source code
  • Getting Started guide for and Google App Engine developers to get up and running quickly
  • A sample application that combines both cloud computing platforms to build a simple catalog shopping experience

Building on Strategic Alliance

Beginning in 2003 with joint work around the creation of, the companies have been working together to advance philanthropic causes as well as the benefits of cloud computing for developers and customers:

  • 2003:
  • 2005: Google Maps - Salesforce CRM mashups
  • 2006: Salesforce for Google AdWords™
  • 2007: Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords
  • 2007: OpenSocial
  • 2008: Salesforce for Google Apps™
  • 2008: for Google Data APIs
  • 2008: Google Visualization API
  • 2009: for Google App Engine

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