Salesforce Introduces Trailhead Skills Graph

Sebastian Rupley - January 19, 2018

Trailblazers all over the world--innovators, technology disruptors and global shaper who are transforming their companies and careers with Salesforce-- are adding to their skillsets with Salesforce’s targeted Trailhead learning modules. To date, Trailblazer community members have earned more than five million badges and completed 20 million challenges along their journeys.

Today, Trailhead is adding a new feature for showcasing Trailblazers’ expertise. While badges on profiles already represent what Trailblazers have learned, the new Skills Graph displays all of a Trailblazer's abilities that badges represent in a personalized graph.The Vanity URL gives job seekers an easy way of sharing their profile, whether it’s on their résumé, social media sites, or with a hiring manager. A new Medium post explores how powerful this is.

“Trailhead isn’t just a great way to learn skills, it is also an amazing way to showcase your brand and your expertise — it is becoming the new and improved résumé,” General Manager of Trailhead Sarah Franklin says.

Consider Mark Tossell, a Trailblazer who transformed his career from working as a pastor to becoming a Salesforce digital business analyst. He has earned more than 200 badges. The new Skills Graph consolidates Mark's massive accumulated learning into one clear and concise graph, especially showcasing his CRM and Reporting skills. With the Skills Graph, future employers have a direct view of Mark's top competencies, making it that much easier for them to identify him as a strong candidate for a job.

Mark’s Skills Graph is seen here:

Traditional résumés that concentrate primarily on job experience have become outdated. As Fortune reported this week: “Growing numbers of employers and talent scouts are considering signs of potential that standard credentials don’t capture. They’re increasingly skeptical of educational attainment as a proxy for performance. They’re looking for accomplishments that fall outside conventional rubrics -- ‘maker’ portfolios of designs and inventions; entrepreneurial achievements; a rich volunteer life; and, more broadly, an ability to creatively manage the sometimes-difficult elements of the life they were born into.”

With the demand for Salesforce-skilled employees on the rise, the Skills Graph, available today, provides a major addition to the arsenal of tools Trailblazers can leverage for their digital résumés to land their dream job.  

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