Partner Stories

The Hidden Genius Project

Preparing Black male youth for the future.

At Salesforce, we are dedicated to supporting organizations like The Hidden Genius Project that empower underrepresented communities and foster educational equity. The Hidden Genius Project provides high school-aged Black male students with hands-on learning experiences in the tech industry.

Through our Catalyst Fund, we provided The Hidden Genius Project unrestricted funding, giving them flexibility to use the funds where they can make the most significant impact. Salesforce employees have also contributed over 1,000 volunteer hours to The Hidden Genius Project.

Our support for The Hidden Genius Project is an example of the 1-1-1 model in action, where we leverage our company resources for positive change.

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Overcoming barriers to jobs in tech.

Salesforce is proud to support Catch22 in their mission to prepare and support people to access top career opportunities in the tech sector.

Co-designed by Catch22 and Salesforce, Digital Leap is a transformative four-week program that gives youth in the UK facing barriers to work a chance to gain valuable experience in digital careers. The program focuses increasing the diversity of candidates applying for digital jobs and encourages employers to open their doors to diverse talent.

Together, we’re empowering individuals to unlock their potential in the tech field.

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Reforestamos México

Training the next generation of forest ecopreneurs.

Salesforce supports nonprofits accelerating climate innovation by empowering diverse ecopreneurs. Our partnership with Reforestamos supports their work to empower forest ecopreneurs across Latin America.

Our support aims to expand Bosques&Co and Young Forest Entrepreneurs programs, which offers comprehensive training in forestry entrepreneurship to people interested in creating and strengthening forest-based ventures. To date, both programs has successfully reached over 72 ventures since 2021 and over 10,000 youth since 2013, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to become stewards of our forests.

Together, we are working toward a world where forests flourish, ecological balance is maintained, and the next generation is empowered to lead the way in environmental conservation.

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Planet Reimagined

Expanding renewable energy access.

Planet Reimagined is dedicated to delivering fair solutions for people and the planet. We are proud to support their projects to advance a just clean energy transition, focused on expanding the deployment of renewable energy sources on public lands.

The organization has successfully garnered bipartisan support to fast-track new renewable energy projects across 23 million acres of public lands previously used for oil and gas drilling.

Salesforce’s investment in Planet Reimagined reflects our deep belief in the power of sustainable energy sources to safeguard the future of our planet and communities. By supporting organizations like Planet Reimagined, we are actively reshaping the energy landscape to create a more sustainable future for all.

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Beyond 12

Supporting students with AI.

Beyond 12 aims to close the economic divide by providing students with the tools they need to graduate from college. Beyond 12 combines near-peer coaching with an AI-powered mobile app — My Coach — to guide students to success.

Beyond 12 is involved in the The Salesforce Accelerator – AI for Impactopens in a new window to help enhance their app by building a content development assistant. This AI-powered assistant aims to pull information from college websites and generates short-form content tailored to first-generation college students. Beyond 12 anticipates this tool will decrease time spent on repetitive tasks by 66%, reserving their staff’s time to better support learners with an authentic human connection.

Since its founding, Beyond 12 has served over 150,000 college students, 76% of whom are the first in their families to attend college. Now, Beyond 12 is on an ambitious goal to serve 1 million students annually by 2030, over 10 times the number they serve today — with a little help from AI and Salesforce.

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Rainforest Connection

Protecting nature with AI.

Rainforest Connection's core initiative, Arbimonopens in a new window, uses acoustic technology powered by AI to monitor biodiversity and inform conservation action.

With support from the Salesforce Accelerator for Nature, Rainforest Connection is significantly improving Arbimon, making it freely available to scientists and conservationists. This development boosts the platform's capacity to collect and analyze near real-time remote eco-acoustic data on a large scale, enabling deeper biodiversity insights.

With the help of AI-powered tools, Arbimon houses the largest library of ecoacoustic data with over 150+ million minutes collected from 120+ countries. From this data, 4,100+ species have been identified and monitored of which 10% are endangered or threatened. Salesforce is proud to help them scale and test new solutions by providing flexibility funding, technology, and pro bono support.

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