Salesforce participates in the legislative process in the U.S. by supporting candidates and causes that have a positive impact on our employees, communities and stakeholders. Salesforce is nonpartisan and we support candidates and eligible organizations of any party who shares our values and policy priorities.

Salesforce supports candidates and eligible organizations who champion our policy priorities, align with our core values, represent and engage with significant numbers of our employees and demonstrate leadership.

We publicly disclose all contributions in reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and various state campaign finance commissions, as required by law. Decisions on political contributions are made by a bipartisan Steering Committee of federal and state government affairs professionals, who are responsible for day-to-day decisions related to political spending. Outside legal counsel reviews political spending decisions and related activities. Management of our participation in the political process in the United States is the responsibility of the two Senior Vice Presidents for Government Affairs. These positions report directly to our President, Legal and General Counsel, who reports to the company CEO. The Steering Committee reviews and approves Salesforce’s political contributions to promote the interests of the company without regard for the private political preferences of individual employees.

Salesforce Political Contribution Steering Committee:

  • Amy Weaver, President, Legal and General Counsel
  • Jim Green, SVP, Global Government Affairs and Public Policy
  • Niki Christoff, SVP, Strategy and Government Relations
  • Hugh Gamble, Vice President, Government Affairs
  • Carmela Clendening, Director, Government Affairs
  • Amy Waggoner, Senior Manager, Government Affairs
  • Danielle Gilliam-Moore, Manager, Government Affairs

To the best of our abilities, we include all historical data related to political contributions, memberships in coalitions and trade associations. We do not contribute to 527 groups, Governors’ Associations or SuperPACs.

Salesforce will conduct an independent audit of its internal processes against our political spending policy. The Governance and Nominating Committee of our corporate Board of Directors will annually review our political contributions from corporate treasury funds and the Salesforce PAC. Additionally, we will post our political contributions from corporate treasury funds and the Salesforce PAC semiannually on the Political Engagement page.

Corporations in the United States are not allowed to contribute directly to federal candidates. However, companies can organize and fund the establishment, administration and solicitation expenses of an employee-funded political action committee (PAC). Many companies in the U.S. choose to have an employee PAC.

Salesforce started the Salesforce Political Action Committee in 2012 to support public policies in the U.S. that align with our core company values. Funding for the Salesforce PAC comes entirely from voluntary contributions of eligible Salesforce employees. Employees are not reimbursed directly, through compensation increases, or any other means, for personal campaign contributions.

The Salesforce PAC is governed through an internal committee, that is chaired by Amy Weaver, President, Legal and General Counsel. The committee reviews and approves Salesforce’s political contributions to promote the company’s core values and policies that support them without regard for the private political preferences of individual employees.

While corporations cannot support candidates for federal office in the U.S., many states allow corporate donations to state and local candidates and/or to ballot initiatives. Salesforce makes political contributions to support candidates and ballot measures that are aligned with the company’s core values. We abide by the laws of each individual state in which we do business.
Salesforce participates in a variety of organizations, coalitions and trade associations that align with our core values and further our public policy interests in support of those core values. These memberships are reviewed annually. While we may be members of certain organizations, coalitions, and trade associations, we do not always support all of the public positions of those associations or other companies that make up their membership. We review these memberships on an on-going basis to make sure they continuously align to our company’s core values.