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Creating a sustainable future, together.

Salesforce Procurement works with companies that share our commitment to sustainability and want to engage with us to drive climate action. By setting ambitious expectations for ourselves and our suppliers – and by working together to achieve them – we can amplify our impact and accelerate progress to net zero.

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We need to apply every strategy possible to protect and preserve the planet.

Marc Benioff
Chair & CEO, Salesforce
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Our purchasing power is a force for good.

Sustainability is integral to Salesforce’s procurement strategy and embedded throughout the life of our supplier relationships. The Sustainability for Salesforce Suppliers guide on Trailhead outlines our expectations of suppliers and how sustainability shows up in our procurement processes.

Science-based targets guide our shared net zero journey.

As part of our mission to reduce emissions across our value chain, we ask all of our suppliers to set science-based targets. We've made a commitment that by 2025 suppliers representing 60% of our applicable scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions will set their own science-based targets. We’re proud of our suppliers who are making progress towards achieving these ambitious goals and reducing carbon emissions in line with a 1.5°C future.

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As of FY24, suppliers that have set SBTs comprised 25% of our scope 3 emissions, and suppliers with commitments to set SBTs comprised an additional 14% of emissions.

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The Salesforce Sustainability Exhibit puts climate action into contracts.

With our Sustainability Exhibit, we ask suppliers to set science-based targets, increase sustainability disclosures, and deliver carbon-neutral products and services — all as part of their contractual obligations to Salesforce.

We accelerate climate action through collaboration.

We’re also committed to being a leading partner in the global effort to accelerate supply chain decarbonization. Salesforce is part of the following industry-leading initiatives at the forefront of supply chain sustainability:

Salesforce’s Net Zero Toolkit for Suppliers

We created our Net Zero Toolkit to provide our suppliers (and companies in general) with practical guidance for getting started on their journey to net zero.

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Questions? We're here to help.

Reach out to sustainable_procurement@salesforce.comopens in a new window. And if you're a current Salesforce supplier interested in learning more or partnering with us on this shared sustainability journey, we’d love to hear from you.