Bold climate action is the only way forward.

The world is in a climate crisis — the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the most urgent issue facing humanity today, and the time to act boldly is now. Climate change impacts every individual, company, city, and nation, and it disproportionately affects the poorest and most vulnerable, amplifying global inequality. 

We’re bringing the full power of Salesforce to create a sustainable future by accelerating the world's largest businesses to net zero, sequestering 100 gigatons of carbon through conserving, restoring, and growing 1 trillion trees, protecting our oceans, and energizing the ecopreneur revolution.

Salesforce is on a mission to drive meaningful climate action at scale, and we hope you join us. Our Climate Action Plan aligns to a 1.5°C future by focusing on six sustainability priorities, which can be a blueprint for others to accelerate their net zero journeys.


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Salesforce accelerates climate action at COP26.

Join forces and take action with us in Glasgow.

Salesforce achieves net zero and 100% renewable energy.

The Climate Action Plan offers a blueprint for others on their net zero journey.

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Science-based targets guide a joint net zero journey.

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Climate action trail.

Take the Create a Sustainable Future Trail to learn how business, government and individual action can drive climate change solutions.

We’re focused on getting every company to reach net zero, faster.


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