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Sustainability is an ongoing journey. We’re constantly working to better integrate sustainability into all that we do. Through our global commitments and environmental policy, we’ve set high levels of environmental standards for our business.

Data Centers

Data center efficiency is at the heart of our sustainability strategy. We minimize our data center footprint by carefully considering our platform design, leveraging our multi-tenant architecture, and closely monitoring our data center performance.

Salesforce’s average PUE is consistently well below industry average. We’re proud that we’ve also kept the average amount of carbon per transaction steady over the past four years while supporting a much greater number of customer transactions.

We also evaluate sustainability performance when selecting our data center partners. We prioritize the following:

  1. Amount of renewable energy in local energy mixture
  2. Access to tracking data such as the power usage effectiveness ratio (PUE)
  3. Additional sustainable site features such as free air-cooling, grey water usage, etc.

As Salesforce grows, and our data center energy use increases, we will continue to seek out new ways to have a significant positive impact on the environment and our industry.



Because offices are a physical expression of our values, Salesforce is committed to integrating green building practices into our design, construction and operations. In addition to working toward 100% renewable energy, we build our workspaces to leading green building standards like LEED, BREEAM, and Green Mark.

Salesforce is committed to achieving LEED Platinum certification for our marquee and headquarters buildings. At our global headquarters, located in San Francisco, we've achieved LEED Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance Platinum certification for Salesforce West. We are pursuing LEED Commercial Interiors Platinum certification for our newest buildings, Salesforce Tower and Salesforce East, to complement their LEED Core and Shell Platinum certifications.

Our focus is on creating fun, healthy spaces that promote wellness and mindfulness among employees so they can do the best work of their lives. We are proud to be a founding member of the USGBC’s Building Health Initiative so that we can continue to promote employee well being by collaborating and sharing best practices with industry leaders from multiple sectors.



Each year, Salesforce works to make our annual conference, Dreamforce, the most sustainable yet by conserving resources, sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and inspiring our attendees to do the same. For several years running, we’re proud to have offset all onsite event emissions as well as the emissions produced by our employees traveling to the event. We work to apply sustainability best practices from Dreamforce to other Salesforce events.

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