Supplier Sustainability

We are asking suppliers to join us on this journey to protect our planet and prioritize sustainability.”

Craig Cuffie, EVP & Chief Procurement Officer

Salesforce includes sustainability in contracts.


Salesforce works with suppliers to create a sustainable future for all.

We strive to work with suppliers who share and support our core values and go beyond compliance to positively impact local communities, ecosystems, and the environment. At this critical moment, it’s imperative for businesses to act beyond their own four walls to make improvements across their entire value chains to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

These efforts will be most effective when we collaborate with our suppliers and enable their success. That’s why we’ve made a commitment that by FY25, suppliers representing 60% of our Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions will set their own science-based targets. In FY21, 15 of our priority suppliers set new targets, bringing our total to 28% of supply chain emissions covered by suppliers' science-based targets and commitments. We're proud of our suppliers who have already set or committed to these targets, and we're working closely with our suppliers to provide the tools and partnership that will accelerate progress toward achieving both our goals and theirs.


Sustainability is part of our supplier agreements.

In April 2021, we announced the addition of the Sustainability Exhibit to all new supplier procurement contracts to encourage our suppliers to join us in our commitment to deliver a low-carbon future for all.

We've shared the Exhibit in its entirety to pave the way for other organizations looking to embed sustainability more deeply in their supplier relationships. Learn more about our own experience drafting and implementing first-of-its-kind supplier sustainability contract language.


Coming Soon! The Salesforce Supplier Sustainability Trail

At Salesforce, transparency with our suppliers is key, which is why we are creating the Supplier Sustainability trail. It outlines our expectations of suppliers and how sustainability shows up in our procurement processes, provides further clarity on the Sustainability Exhibit, and highlights the importance of data transparency and collaboration. The trail will help suppliers learn how they can join us on our journey to create a sustainable future for all.

We're looking forward to sharing this with you soon. In the meantime, explore our Create a Sustainable Future trail.

Have questions or want to learn more?

Reach out to If you're a current Salesforce supplier interested in learning more or partnering with us on this shared sustainability journey, we’d love to hear from you. 

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