We believe business is the greatest platform for change.

We believe business is the greatest platform for change.


There’s work to be done on our planet. And no one gets to work better than the business community.

We are Team Earth, a Salesforce-led movement of businesses who have committed to create a more equitable, sustainable world together. 

Join the movement. Because Earth's business is all our business.


Providing volunteer time off results in 2.3x higher employee retention.

Diverse companies are 36% more profitable than their less diverse peers.

60% of consumers rate sustainability as a key purchase criterion.


Together we can change the world.


There’s power in numbers. Explore our interactive dashboard and see the impact businesses can have when we all come together.


See how all kinds of companies
show love for people and planet.


Canva has given free access to its premium product to over 370,000 nonprofits.

As a Black-owned business, One United Bank offers programs to reduce income inequality.

e.l.f. innovates with intention, offering cosmetics to match skin tones reflecting the diversity of humanity.


Get inspired. Take action.

Values without action are just window dressing. We encourage every business to get off
their good intentions and make a difference. Here are some ways to get started.


Invest in people and planet

On average, the potential business value of climate-related opportunities is seven times the cost of realizing them. See how doing good for people in planet is also good for your business.


Build your Team Earth skill set.

Access free learning modules on business and human rights, inclusive hiring and retention, workforce development, sustainability, ethical and inclusive design, and more.
A worker walks through an industrial array of solar panels.

Make a climate plan.

The path to net zero begins with a concrete plan. Put yours in motion with six strategic priorities from our free climate action guide.

Put down some roots.

Trees sequester CO2, filter air pollution, and reduce urban heat islands. Help conserve, restore, and grow one trillion trees by 2030.
Two divers in the ocean in a kelp forest

Support ecopreneurs.

Fund and support the innovators creating extraordinary solutions to our greatest climate challenges. Watch The Ecopreneurs series.

See how Salesforce contributes to Team Earth.


$575M in grants to build a more just and equitable society.

100% renewable energy and net zero residual emissions across our full value chain.

$1.875 billion+ in donated and discounted technology to the global community.

9.3M new jobs via Salesforce and its partner ecosystem by 2026.

Group of people smiling for a photo

Work your values.

Equality is a core Salesforce value. It helps us build deep connections, step up innovation, and just plain be a better company. Join us in our mission to build a more inclusive workplace and a better world for all.