Tokyo, Japan - Office Accessibility

Accessibility is fundamental to Salesforce culture. We make our spaces as inclusive as possible, but also know that some of our offices still have some restrictions and limitations.

We want to make sure that visitors, guests, and employees are aware of any constraints in our office spaces, as well as highlight some of the accessible provisions that can be expected when visiting us. That way, everyone is empowered to plan their visit and make their time with us easy and enjoyable.

Getting to and from the office

The below public transportation options are available to get to Tokyo station, where the Tokyo office is located.

Train (preferred) — Please visit the Toei Transportation website to plan your trip.
Bus (preferred) — Please visit the Toei Bus website for help planning your route.

The station is a one-minute walk from the building, and the bus station is about a five-minute walk from the building.

In the office

Eight elevators are available to access SFDC floors.

Six accessible restrooms are available. Two are located on each SFDC floor, one each for men and women.